ORGAN PREVIEW: Double Trouble at East London’s StolenSpace with Dalek and Ezra Brown to kick off September…

Ezra Brown

Organ preview: Double Trouble with Dalek and Ezra Brown then, September is almost here, a so-called new art season, never understood that myself, surely art never stops? The almost always rewarding StolenSpace are kicking off with a double header,  feels like we haven’t seen a really exciting show at the Whitechapel based gallery since they polished the floor and blew the nose of the place when it really didn’t need it, we’re ready for an exciting StolenSpace shows, when they get it right they’re one o te best galleries around.

StolenSpace Gallery say they are “delighted to announce a new double bill for the month of September. Opening next week on September 1st we have the legendary, Dalek, presenting his new body of work, ‘Buried Beneath the Surface’, alongside exciting newcomer to the gallery, Ezra Brown, with his brand new show, ‘I Used to be Happy’.

Ezra Brown is currently based in San Diego, California, where he mainly creates works with acrylics on canvas, as well as some occasional woodworking. He was inspired by his father, also an artist, and felt encouraged to pursue his own artistic career as he studied at the Academy of Art, San Francisco. He hopes to inspire all generations with his art, which he creates from his personal encounters and struggles, encouraging the viewer to relate to these shared experiences.

For his latest body of work, ‘I Used to be Happy’, Ezra has painted his many experiences, emotions, and feelings onto canvas, and explored them using his character ‘Happy the Clown’, as a reflection of himself to portray his message. His character, ‘Happy’, is often portrayed as the opposite of his name in Ezra’s work, as his image is instead used as a way to cope with events in the world around us today. Ezra encourages the viewer to use his work as a device to tap into their own feelings, and connect on an emotional level”.

Dalek undertook an apprenticeship with renowned artist Takashi Murakami in 2001, and has since developed his own unique style and character of the ‘Space Monkey’, recognisable across the globe. His work incorporates his love of pop culture, the punk scene, and cartoons which come to exist in a pop world of clashing hues. Dalek’s work is complex and layered, with each line and shape evolving into an intricate pattern, inviting the viewer to dive into the depths and explore.

In, ‘Buried Beneath the Surface’ Dalek experiments with a series of his test prints as the foundations for his vibrant explosion of hand-painted geometric shapes, including his iconic ‘Space Monkey’. His intuitive eye for perspective is translated across varying mediums, as he applies paint on top of prints, transforming the initial test concept into a realised original piece. Each layer, material, and composition, creates a unique experience of considered uncertainty, as Dalek allows each element to find its own place and meaning in the moment”.

Stolen Space is at 17 Osborn Street, Whitechapel, London, E1 6TD. Opening night for both shows is September 1st, 6pm until 9pm. Both shows run until 9th October.


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