ORGAN THING: James Johnston and Steve Gullick have just announced their second album Everybody’s Sunset, taste a slice here…

Everybody’s Sunset

Organ Thing of The Day: A quick one today for we’re busy making a Mixtape. Today’s thing is the news that James Johnston and Steve Gullick have just announced their second album Everybody’s Sunset, the album is due out in November on God Unknown Records (who we note are also doing something with Monster Magnet). There’s one rather delicious nine minute track up on the Bandcamp page right now, you can hear it down there further down the page, there is also this taster via YouTube…

Here’s some of the background cia the record label…

“Having first met in 1991, music photographer Steve Gullick and James Johnston, founder of Gallon Drunk, began blurring the boundaries between audio and visual in 2004 when they formed their own band, ‘…bender’. They’ve maintained the habit ever since, with Gullick subsequently founding Tenebrous Liar and Johnston pursuing a career, alongside his work with PJ Harvey and a tenure in Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, as an acclaimed visual artist and painter. After working together on an art show in late 2019, the idea of making music again immediately resurfaced. Without any firm strategy, Johnston and Gullick began recording, unprompted, drawing upon a shared love of noise, folk, and classical. This became the album ‘We Travel Time’, a compelling and mysterious record that bravely embraced beautiful piano, voice, violin, and guitar to create a drifting haze, forging an imagined soundtrack which offers echoes of Big Star, Nico, Lee Hazlewood and Palace Brothers alongside the haunting influence of contemporary minimal classical. Due for release this coming November 18th via God Unknown Records, Johnston and Gullick have returned to their craft to create a stunning new selection of songs and moods, brought together for the album ‘Everybody’s Sunset’. Recorded at their homes throughout 2021 and 2022, the ten songs on this new album take the fragile intimacy and agenda-free approach of its predecessor and go out even further into the fringes of tone and feeling. Utilising a vast selection of instruments between them (violin, organ, guitar, banjo, autoharp, harmonica, piano, synthesisers….), ‘Everybody’s Sunset’ ebbs and flows, bringing different instruments and signals to the fore as the album progresses. ‘Everybody’s Sunset’ is available November 18th via God Unknown Records. All songs written, arranged and recorded by James Johnston and Steve Gullick”


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