ORGAN THING: Second Expression at The Split Gallery, a second painterly mark made along the Hackney Road…

Second Expression at The Split Gallery

Second Expression at The Split Gallery, Hackney Road, East London – A second show, a second expression of intent at the still rather freshly opened Spit Gallery. A Wednesday night opening, a new art space somewhere in that vague area of East London where Shoreditch or maybe Dalston starts to become Hackney, a new gallery and a second show along the Hackney Road.

Second Expression is “an exhibition showcasing the works of six remarkable painters: Jamiu Agboke, Kate Burling, Mark Connolly, Lily Hargreaves, Emily Mannion and Anna Woodward. We introduce the works with a prehistoric tale… “. I like this, I like that the six are very much painters, that they appear to be in-tune with each other (did they know each other before hand?) I like that there looks to be a gallery identity forming already. Now the trouble with an opening night is that there’s (almost) always people there! Not that they shouldn’t be there but it does make viewing (and indeed photographing) the art rather awkward, you do have to battle with elbows and chats in front of paintings 9get out of the damn way, go talk outside!). Hey, a full gallery is always better than an empty one, there seems to be a healthy buzz building around Split already

“For their first few shows, the gallery is building the Split Gallery community by gathering artists they believe capture the spirit of London’s diverse contemporary arts scene”. Two shows in so we can’t really judge things quite yet, so far so good though – the hangs (as we pointed out last time) have been good, the curation so far, more than healthy, the work very painterly, rather refreshing, a gallery alive with painting and good space afforded to each piece of art (a luxury not every curator has), so far, rather good.

And no, I’m not going to start picking out names or individual pieces from the six, there are one or two paintings that personally jumped out, but this is a strong show (and sorry we haven’t got photos of everyone’s work), a rewarding body of work, it feels united, one whole – ‘Their works reach the Split Gallery through a concoction of hues; together, they imbue a prickling embrace of colour. Accompanying the exhibition is a short story by Harry Kumar, exploring a time before colour”. So far, I’m rather enjoying this new space, two fine shows, bring on the next one (sw)

The Split Gallery is at 237 Hackney Rd, London, E2 8NA.  The gallery is open Tuesday through to Sunday, Midday until 4pm by appointment (I’m guessing that means you need to actually make an appointment rather than just turn up. The show goes on until October 19th. The link you just passed takes you to their Instaram feed, that seems to be your best bet in terms of an apointment.

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The photos aren’t that great, they do offer a bit of the flavour.

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