ORGAN THING: Nail hit poetically on the head and all that. Spot on words and sounds from Dead Anyway…

Organ Thing of The Day – We’ll just park this one here today and let it speak for itself. 26 hours, twice the queue. Kate Arnold’s words past our way yesterday, not heard her before, though we’d share them today. We don’t need to add to anything here do we, thay surely say it all? Nail hit firmly on the head and all that. Spot on words and sounds from Dead Anyway


Dead Anyway sets the dark lyricism of Kate Arnold against the music and soundscapes of Marc Symonds. “A phenomenal mix of poetry, electronica and guitars. A heady brew of dark, glitchy head-messing wonder”.

And now we’re going to have to explore some more, I do like the way those words of hers are delivered. Tender hearted moving target, leave me with it, I’ll meet you and me coming back or something like that. This is good, all inside out and on the wrong way and it is hard not to blink, get back on the horse, listen to the whites of her eyes. And let’s just add that Marc Symonds lights up the flow of those words so so well…

Here’s an album that came out in back in the summer. Hey, better late than never ever….


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