ORGAN THING: No overthinking here, just a rather fine debut single from London trio Mynk…

Organ Thing of the Day, for that is still the idea here, today’s sinpleThing of the Day is a debut single that flows in a rather natural kind of way. Mynk are a London three piece, some kind of slightly wired alternative indie band. We know very little about them besides what you hear here and what we just read via the press release that’s down there, no real need ot overthink anything this cold November mornnig, here it is, the debut release from Mynk, sometimes it is as simple as that…


“London trio Mynk – Bex Morrison (vocals, bass), Lewis Clark (guitar, backing vocals) and Ricky Cato (drums) – are today sharing their debut single ‘Boundaries’, produced by Faris Badwan (The Horrors, Cats Eyes).

For Mynk, the secret to realising ‘Boundaries’ was not to overthink it. Certainly, ‘Boundaries’ has its heavy-weight message to share but when the three first picked up their instruments, there were no specifics in mind. MYNK became a project in which to take chances and break former creative habits and routines, keep things simple, do more with less. Ultimately, under the eye of producer Faris Badwan, they arrived at a sound that came naturally, and collected its influences along the way rather than held them at its core.

‘Boundaries’ comes descended from both audio and visual art, from minimalist pop to David Lynch, resulting in a visceral combination of pop-noir melancholia. Minimal, spidering guitar lines and economical, compact bass claw at these influences, creating a tension that smoothes itself with subtle soundscaping and ethereal vocals. Bex Morrison’s expressive and direct approach comes to feel like a redistribution of power, in a song about how power can often be sapped away in unhealthy relationships. She explains:

“The track is about the boundaries we set in order to function in different situations / relationships; the crossing of sacrifice and habit meets somewhere in the middle to maintain a connection. It’s about the relatable internal questioning of ‘do I/don’t I?’ and where that takes you, and how you can lose yourself in it.”

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