ORGAN: Five music things – Quentin Sauvé, The Psychotic Monks, radical folk duo Stick In The Wheel, Misanthropes, Mr Dibs, Closet Disco Queen and…

Let the music do the talking, never mind the editorial bit at the top. Another five slices of music thing again and however you slice it and of course it was sushi and here comes the introduction that heralds the latest Five Music Things thing and whatever the hell the five music thing is actually all about. Five? There’s something rather compelling about five. Cross-pollination? Five more? Do we need to do the editorial bit again? Is there another way? A better way? A cure for pulling green parrots out of orange hats? Is there a rhyme? Is there a reason? Was there ever a reason? What do reasons make? Five more, everything must go and same as last time (and the time before that) five, and no, we never do and the proof of the pudding is in that proof reading. When we started this thing, oh never mind, it doesn’t matter why we started this thing and like we asked last time, does anyone bother reading the editorial? Does anyone ever actually look down the rabbit hole or is it all just method acting? We do really try to listen to everything that comes in, we do it so you don’t have to, we are very (very) very very picky about what we actually post on these fractured pages or about what gets played on the radio or indeed what we hang in a gallery. Cut to the chase, never mind the editorial, there’s loads of music further down the page, well five or so pieces of music that have come our way in the last few days and cut cut slash and cut it, who needs an editorial or words or worms in general? Just facts and links then.  Here you go, play the music, grab your five, eat your greens, go eat some art, go eat some dirt and don’t forget whatever it was we said you shouldn’t forget

Here we go, five (or so) more musical things in no particular order and for no particular reason other than…

1: The Psychotic Monks France’s The Psychotic Monks share a new single ‘All That Fall’, taken from new album Pink Colour Surgery out 3rd February 2023 via Fatcat Records / Vicious Circle

‘All That Fall’ came from a “cut-up” inspired technique, forcing together different materials and the lyrics in a random way. Its video was filmed at Cirque d’Hiver during Culturebox Festival 2022

The band explain, “We wanted to invite the listeners to consciously or unconsciously produce their own interpretation, leaving a minimalistic moment in the middle of the song where they are left to themselves, entirely free, where there’s enough space to let them fill it.”

“At each new listen, a new set of new random objects appears. Roles merge, reality and fiction merges, bringing a sense of live performance. Sometimes we can feel our own lives like a total theatrical performance in which we’d perform our own roles, where we can be both spectating and performing. And this can generate a whole complexity of, sometimes contradictory, feelings. Both anxiety-provoking and liberating.”, they add.

Yet radical, Pink Colour Surgery’s work is truly accessible to those who immerse themselves in it in depth. One is unceasingly hypnotised, shaken, because its soul flirts dangerously with a furious and oppressive trance. How then the journey becomes addictive, letting yourself slide from one track to another, sometimes struck, sometimes set ablaze with an unexpected epiphany, because its light irradiates us. Live their music is an intimate, sensory experience, whose deflagration is still received long after.

Pink Colour Surgery is produced by Daniel Fox of Gilla Band – composed in part by improvisations, it arrives as an act of resistance to the ambient violence. Disconcerting at first sight, this new opus operates in the dark a surgery of ethics which is fleshed out of pink for a staggering metamorphosis. Its very structure embarks us entirely on an initiatory trip full of secret corners, provided that we accept to dive into it, to plunge into it.

Already releasing two fiery albums, Silence Slowly And Madly Shines in 2017 (Alter K) and Private Meaning First in 2019 (Vicious Circle / Fatcat Records), The Psychotic Monks have never ceased to impress us with their maturity and determination to offer a singular stage and discographic presence.

Pink Colour Surgery is out 3rd February Via Fatcat Records / Vicious Circle


2: Stick In The Wheel – A Radical folk duo from London so we’re told, they have some vinyl, they have some fine song, some find words, radical folk indeed, here’s some background, the music is jsut a little bit further down the page…

“Radical folk duo Stick In The Wheel announce a new special release for December 2022 – Endurance Soundly Caged. Limited edition transparent red vinyl, CD and digital. Featuring fresh new arrangements of material spanning past releases, it was recorded live at the renowned Eastcote Studios, with Siân Monaghan on drums, George Hoyle on bass, along with Ian Carter’s trademark dobro and Nicola Kearey’s unmistakable voice.

Ian Carter: “The energy of the live band we put together has such a real, vital connection – which only a few people got a chance to see live – so we decided to take them into Eastcote to get it down on tape.”

Whereas Tonebeds for Poetry reflected their prolific studio experiments (and was #2 Guardian Contemporary AotY), Endurance Soundly Caged captures the intensity of the last two years’ live shows. The raw holler of Bedlam – recently featured in The Essex Serpent (AppleTV) – hardens through to a revitalized, heavier White Copper Alley’s sex-worker fable, drawing a line to a supercharged version of Villon Song, a 2020 favorite of both Iggy Pop and Marc Riley. Robot, taken from Tom Cox’s short story of the same name, is an all-new version of the menacing folk-horror saga that has mesmerised recent live audiences. An synth-led and autotuned As I Roved Out weaves a 10th Century charm into its other-worldly pastoral, whilst psychedelic Gold So Red conjures a final spell from one of the oldest surviving carols. The title is taken from a line in Bedlam, from the 1672 songbook “Pills to Purge Melancholy”.

The duo were asked by director-of-the-moment, and fan of the band, Clio Bernard, to perform music in The Essex Serpent, alongside Tom Hiddleston and Claire Danes. It meant being part of the show as 1890s itinerant street musicians, Bedlam soundtracking the villagers’ fear and unease against a mysterious force.

The last two years saw SITW release studio album Hold Fast (2020), and 2021’s more abstract mixtape, Tonebeds for Poetry (#2 Guardian Contemporary AotY), as well as the collaborative project Perspectives on Tradition (2022 with Nabihah Iqbal, Olugbenga & Jon1st). Their relentless approach to questioning traditional music forms is matched only by the energy with which they play it”.

Here’s the Stick in The Wheel Linktree thing and they do have a bunch of dates at varios record shops to tie in with the release – 3rd Dec – Eel Pie Records – Twickenham 5pm, 4th Dec – Musics Not Dead – Bexhill on Sea 3pm, 6th Dec – Rough Trade – Bristol 6.30pm, 7th Dec – Rough Trade East – London 7pm


3: Quentin Sauvé – “This song is more abstract than what I usually write. I tried to put my own words on everything that happened these three past years, and how it has left us with this disappearing horizon to look at, without knowing how far it will go, how long it’s gonna last. It was only getting worse, affecting relationships, mental and physical health, and also the passion I have for what I do. Because sometimes it just felt like « what’s the point in even trying? ». But obviously I didn’t give up, as we’re releasing this song now. So for the video I wanted to free myself from this feeling, I wanted to escape and dance my pain away”.

The song is out on Hummus Records who do, naturally, have a Bandcamp page


4: Closet Disco Queen – And while we were poking around the Hummus Records (of La Chaux De Fonds, Switzerland) Bandcamp page – for that is how it flows here, one link leads to another and something or soemwone we hadn’t heard of half an hour ago – we found this rather fine album,,,


5: Misanthropes are a self proclaimed “four-piece Indie Rock band (guitar, bass, drums, cello) from Eastern PA”, I’m guessing PA means they’re from somewhere in the USA, American bands always assume you know these thngs, “These 18-year old’s sound can’t be pigeon-holed into one genre. They have an exceedingly eclectic discography, ranging from heavy punk rock, ballads, folk tunes and more.” Don’t know about that, this is the only thing we’ve heard from them, and no we take a closer look they might just be telling porky pies about their ages, that or they’ve lived rather tough lives. Seems they’re just about to release their fourth album and well, do like where that chello takes them. Looks like Spotify is their chosen thing, not worked out why bands push Spotify and don’t bother with Bandcamp but hey, who am I to question some wiseass middle-aged 18 year olds? Do like this track. They’ve got an “interesting” cover of Jolene, find it on our Spotify playlist… PA is Pennsylvania so i;m told….


And while we’re here, we’ll just park this Hawk-flavoured track from Mr. Dibs and 2020 here while round and round we go again…

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