ORGAN THING: Michael James Tapscott and five songs that you need to listen to a few times before they really reveal themselves as the beautiful things they are…

Michael James Tapscott is a San Francisco Bay Area musician, who has recorded and performed as Odawas, China, Royal Geography Society, More Animals of the Arctic, Pacific Walker, and most recently under his own name. Michael, the Worst is his new EP, released today, December 2nd 2022, well that was yesterday now but hey, you know the score, we’re busy here, the EP features five rather beaitiful songs “that draw upon loner folk, ambient country, atmospheric soundtracks and such”, five songs that take their time to get under your skin, songs you need to listen to a few times before they really reveal themselves as the beautiful things they are. Find the EP on Bandcamp


Michael, the Worst is the new EP from Michael James Tapscott, featuring fiv songs that draw upon loner folk, ambient country, atmospheric soundtracks, and new age music. Serving to tie together his musical output of the past decade, the EP pays homage to his back catalog – including reimagined versions of two China songs (“Marnie Reprise” and “Honey Trap Reprise”); one unreleased China song (“Michael, the Worst”); and 2 new solo songs (“Luxembourg Gardens” and “Evacuation City”). The EP features contributions from Jeff Moller, Raphi Gottesman, Josh Housh, Jacob Aranda, and producer David Glasebrook.

Two of the songs are instrumentals; “Marnie Reprise” and “Honey Trap Reprise”, draw upon the soundtracks of Popol Vuh and Angelo Badalamenti, the devotional music of Alice Coltrane, and the shimmering guitar of early Michael Hedges. Meanwhile, the other three songs combine folk-rock melodies and textures with lyrics that play out like fragments of memories half remembered, half forgotten; “Luxembourg Gardens” was inspired by Les Miserables, “Evacuation City” came to him in a dream, and “Michael, the Worst” is a humiliating admission.

Somebody once told Michael that he wasn’t as experimental as he thought he was, maybe it’s a fair assessment. He’s not a virtuosic instrumentalist, his compositions are linear and often mathematically correct; He’s the type of student who skimmed White and Strunk’s “The Elements of Style” and thought, “I get it.” The experiment is in the living document that trails behind him, a catalog of varied personas and rotating collaborators. “Michael, the Worst” is another chapter, look for the next one on Royal Oakie in 2023″. 

Michael has a rather fine album that dates from 2021

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