ORGAN THING: One last look at this year’s Winter online Art Car Boot Fair  before it closes at Midnight tonight, one last pick of some of the prints, paintings and more…

Sunday’s Organ Thing of the Day? Well this morning we’re talking one last look at this year’s Winter online Art Car Boot Fair  before it closes later tonight and they start thinking about Food and Drink, that and their plans for for next Summer’s events and twenty year celebrations of something that is, as we’ve said before, rather uniquely special. The Winter edition of the Art Car Boot Fair has been happening on line over the weekend, it all closes at midnight tonight (tonight being Sunday December 4th) so if you haven’t had a look then now is the time. The event did open back on Thursday evening, you needed to buy a ticket to get in on the opening evening and get first pick, there is lots left though and entry is now free to everyone. You have until the end of the day today to explore all the paintings, prints, photography, ceramics, and more. Original paintings for as little as £10, Pure Evil prints priced at a boot sale friendly £40 and who doesn’t love a car boot sale on a Sunday?  There’s something like 150 artists who have been invited, it is a very carefully curated event (none of the artists are charged, it is very much a properly curated event, e have covered this before) and with the Art Car Boot Fair only taking a very very reasonable 10% from us artists (yes, I am a participating artist, and yes, I do think they should take a little bit more, there’s lot that goes into something like this, this is a very very artist-friendly event), this is an extremely good way of supporting us artists (as well as grabbing yourself a treat or a bargain or even a Christmas present or two).

There lots to explore, lots of familiar names, Pure Evil and his Rolling Stones print (I’d go for the Alice Cooper one), Ben Eine and his circus typography, Susie Hamilton, Rankin‘s Bowie Eye,Carrie Reichardt‘s anarchy. Emma Harvey‘s ribbons, Christine Binnie‘s rather cool ceramics , Nick Grindrod, Jess Albarn, oh look, there’s loads of names, lots artists tyyou might not have heard of before, lots of art, a whole menu of artists to explore. Why not start at the foot of the list, those people who have an A at the start of their name have it easy, always up there at the start of the list, go start at the end of with Xuebing Du’s artistic productions that focus on diverse elements of the natural world: deserts, gardens & most frequently, plants & flowers. “I explore the beauty of nature by emphasizing texture, light, and colour.”  or with Villain‘s unique style, do love Villain’s wit – actually I really like Abigail Fallis and her Bananas up there at the top of the list of artists with her A followed by a B.

So anyway, you’ve got one more day, today, to explore all the fun of the Art Car Boot Fair, it closes at Midnight, and well, as it is last day, you just might find a lot of last minute last day price drops and never to be repeated prices, you might find that original piece of art that you can hang on your wall and look at during the dark months of Winter, that one thing that someone spent ages making, that unique slice of form and colour that someone poured their heart and soul into. There’s something special about having a one-off piece of art, a unique painting hanging on your wall to look at again and again, that thing that someone spent hours, days making, that piece that will make you smile for a moment.

Last day then, we did write a preview and pick out some pieces about a week ahead of the event, we had another look around this morning and picked a few more pieces out, here’s a flavour of some of the art you can find at the fair, but don’t let us do all the picking, go explore some original art and some exciting artists…     

Do click on an image to enlarge or to run the slide show, better still just head for the Art Car Boot Fair while you still can      

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