ORGAN THING: Listen back to last night’s Resonance FM Other Rock Show and music beyond mere 4/4…

Monday Monday, we have been a tiny bit distracted in the last week, art hats on heads rather thao Organ hats, well maybe a radio hats as well, a radiohead, it was mostly about the Art Car Boot Fair over the last week, we’ll get back to something like normal service later today, there’s lots demanding attention..

Last night’s radio show, the Other Rock Show, on Resonance FM, went like this


Meanwhile, if you missed the Art Car Boot Fair, you can find lots of the art that does help keep Organ going (selling art is how we pay the bills), you can find lots of art in the Cultivate online shop. You’ll find Emma Harvey’s Riot Grrrl flavoured prints, some of those Electric album paintings and well….


And while we get our Organ hats back on our heads, for those of you who do do the Spotify thing, the latest Organ playlist, the ever evolving monthly playlist is taking shape

The Cultivate online shop

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