ORGAN THING: Liapod’s perambulations, instrumental paintings, abstract earfood…

Liapod sound different, it isn’t quite clear who it or they are, the fact that there’s no information, in this case, feels like a positive thing, a less is more thing, just the music, nothing else. There’s a new four track EP up on Bandcamp (at a pay what you want price), a release called “Christmas EP 2022”, the pieces are instrumental, around twelve minutes in all, a second release from Liapod (is it Liapod? Is that a lower-case L or a capital I on the Bandcamp page? What with the annoying fashion for all lowercase names for band and such these days you never quite know?). Four pieces of music, all instrumental constructions, nothing that really references Christmas in any kind of way so I’m guessing the title is just an indication of the time of the year these compositions were made. We have a mix of things here, strings, electric guitars, keyboards, electronics, field recordings, it does kind of feel like a quite walk around a December landscape, a city, maybe a deserted seaside town? There’s a motion to it all. There’s form, there’s space, this is rather unique actually, that final track has a touch of jazz to it, warm jazz, this is just really really good, some serious musicianship here, not just someone noodling around, serious art, not too serious though, this isn’t cold-hearted muso stuff, there’s a soul here, a painterly warmth, an artist. Great detail, little bits that catch your ear as you take it for another abstract perambulation, little paintings. Love that closing track, more please…    


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