ORGAN THING: Danish DIY artist Linn shares her new single Worth It, The track is from the new EP Femte Dimension that’s out on 19th January, hear it here…

Organ Thing of the Day: Danish DIY artist Linn shares her new single Worth It, The track is from the new EP Femte Dimension that;s out on 19th January, find tHe lead track on Bandcamp or the EP on other platforms, actually it looks like everything is being kept under hats and wraps until the 19th. Don’t ask us how these things work, find Worth it on our January playlist if you do the evil Spotify thing, hopefully it will be on the far more artist friendly Bandcamp on te 19th…


“Today, Danish DIY artist LINN returns with the release of her new single “Worth It”. The track comes on the heels of her critically acclaimed single “Okay, Sister” and is the final track to land ahead of her new EP “Femte Dimension”, which is out 19th January.

The off-kilter track is arguably LINN’s most indie-driven song to-date but is still imbued with her inimitably oblique and often unsettling sound. Discordant lo-fi guitars weave around vocal hooks that warp and flex across different dimensions as the track develops. “Worth It” is further proof of LINN’s refusal to follow conventional songwriting tropes, whilst still writing highly emotive and encapsulating songs

The many dynamics and playful expressions are also represented on the new imagery around the forthcoming EP’s cover art and in the press photos, which when seen through stereo glasses will appear in full 3D. They were all taken by set designer Christian Friedländer, while the accompanying video for the new EP’s lead single “Okay, Sister” – which was shot late at night on a small uninhabited island in southern Europe – was filmed on an old digital camera by LINN’s 4-year-old daughter.

LINN made her debut in November 2020 with her eclectic EP Happy Metal, which was a consummate introduction to her borderless style showcasing playful and eclectic arrangements that take influence from alternative rock, future R&B and electronic lo-fi. Often accompanied by bizarre sound effects, field recordings, toy instruments, the tracks were all written, produced, and recorded by LINN herself with her then newborn child on her lap. Her music balances the mesmerising and melodic with the idiosyncratic and experimental, with added lyrics that are often based on unpretentious everyday moments conveyed with humor. 
In May 2021, LINN and the band Blood Child went on a Danish tour with the artistic and visual crossover concept “Shower Me In Happy Metal”, where she played her new material publicly for the first time. LINN has since gone on to support Wolf Alice, as well as appearing at a number of festivals, including SPOT festival (DK) and this summer’s Roskilde Festival (DK), which was highlighted with a 5-star review in the Danish publication Undertoner, who called her music “a terrifying, hard-hitting combination of raw rock energy and musical finesse of the highest class”.“.

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