ORGAN THING: As winter begins to recede, Primitive/Singular Artist Jim Sanders presents the promise of Spirit House Six at Brighton’s Gallery Sans on the first weekend of February…


Now this looks like it might be rather good, something from an artist called Jim Sanders, who describes himself as a  Primitive/Singular Artist. it happens at Gallery Sans in Brighton on the first weekend of February 2023. A weekend even called Spirit House 6 (which kind of implies it might well be a regular thing)  on Saturday  4th and Sunday 5th February 2023 (2pm- 9pm). Tickets are available via this EventBrite link

“Celebrate the dawn of the Earths life force awakening, submerge yourself into the world of Artist Jim Sanders’s extraordinary home studio. As winter begins to recede and the wheel of the year offers the promise of new beginnings, come and be enveloped in a place full of magic and mystery where the imagination and subconscious can run free and we can return to our primal selves. Enter a space enclosed by veils representing the forest of the unconscious and experience a journey for the senses.  A transportive installation of Art, Live Performance, Sound, Film & Scent”.

Entrance is £10, tea and intoxicating drinks will be available so we’re told. it all happens at 12 Bear Road, Brighton, BN2 4DA.


Photos – David McHugh / Brighton Picturess

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