ORGAN PREVIEW: The full artist line up for Cultivate’s next Mixtape exhibition has been announced, the show opens on Tuesday February 7th…

Melike’s work has featured in all three Mixtape shows so far….

Mixtape No.3, the third in a series of ongoing online art exhibitions, group shows brought to you by Cultivate. Mixtape No.3 will also be the first in a Spring series of on-line exhibitions from Cultivate. Mixtape no.3 will once again be hosted here on the Organ website, the links between Organ and Cultivate are well documented. The show will open next Tuesday February 7th at 7pm (UK Time). The Spring series will run from February until the end of April and will include, alongside a monthly Mixtape group show, a number of solo shows and other exhibitions that will be revealed as Spring evolves

The previous two Mixtape shows, opened in October and November of last year, were both viewed over 10,000 times by visitors from all over the globe within a week of opening and have both been viewed well over 20,000 times todate. both Mixtape shows, like all previous Cultivate on-line shows, remain open with no plan to close either. All previous online Cultivate shows can be viewed here.

Cultivate started life as an East London artist-led gallery back in late 2011 chaods of Vyner Street and has been evolving as a sometimes nomadic, sometimes firmly anchored thng ever since. Mixtape No.3 will be Cultivate’s 182nd exhibition or event. it is mostly about us artists getting past the gatekeepers both old and new, that and the tired art school rule books. We estimate that close on three thousand artists from all kinds of backgrounds have shown their work with Cultivate, either physically or on line over the last dozen or so years.

Here’s the full artist line up for Mixtape No.3…

Here’s what it said on the Cultivate website

“February is here, is that a tiny bit of a hint of Spring in the air? We’re ready to go with our much trumpeted Spring series of on-line Cultivate shows, our Spring season, time to bypass the gatekeepers and the tedious art school chips once more. Let’s Create as the slogan goes, walking it rather than just talking it with a fancy press release, a bit of substance if you like, something real.

Throughout February, March and April we plan to bring you a series of online exhibitions that build on what we done with the format over the last couple of years. Today we’d like to announce the full line up of artists for Mixtape No.3, our first show of 2023. We’ve spent the last couple of weeks searching through feeds, going through our lists, inviting people who excite us, gathering the latest mixtape together, we invited 34 artists to join us, making it 36 of us in all. Artists from all over the land and indeed the globe (as we do keep saying, we do like the way these online exhibitions take us out beyond the comfort of our London art bubbles). 

Mixtape No3 will open next Tuesday February 7th at 7pm UK time, the art of 36 artists and around 200 pieces of what we think is exciting art. It is all about the links and the networking and the cross-pollination, the connecting of artists with those who like to explore art, connecting artists with each others audiences, with each other, about building things, about existence, about awareness, about building on things, about push at those gates the keepers like to keep closed.

Some of the artists taking part in this latest exhibition (I thinks this is something like 182nd Cultivate show or event, the 27th on-line exhibition) will be familiar to Cultivate followers, we like those threads that run through the shows from artists like Liz Griffiths, Mark Burrell, Christopher Tansey, the words of Suzie Pindar, Melike, we do like to have a constant flow of new names as well. by the end of April we expect to have shown the work of way more than 100 artists, some of whom we haven’t heard of yet… 

 Mixtape No3 will open next Tuesday February 7th at 7pm UK time, once again the exhibition, curated by artists and Cultivate founders Sean Worrall and Emma Harvey, will hosted on the pages of our sister website Organ”.


Cultivate, the days on the corner, Vyner Street, East London

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