ORGAN PREVIEW: Cultivate’s latest art exhibition, a group show called Mixtape No.3, will open on-line, this evening…

The latest Cultivate on-line group show, the first of a new Spring season of shows, opens tonight. Once again hosted here on the Organ website, the show features 36 carefully selected artists from all over the land and indeed the globe. We have artists from Manchester, From Yorkshire, Kent, East London, from Northern Ireland, Birmingham, Cambridge, Hull, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Berlin, Beijing, Brazil, USA, Turkey, Oxford, we have artists from all over the place. We like the way these shows link people up, the cross pollination of it all, we like that it takes us beyond the London art bubbles. The show will open tonight at 7pm, the link will appear here as soon as the exhibition opens. The full artist line up is on the poster down there… 

Cultivate is an artist-led thing brough to you by the makers of Organ  

And on the day before this show, as we were putting it all together, we woke to the news from Turkey and Syria and the awful devastation as a result of the earthquake. We have two Turkish artists in Mixtape No.3, Melike and Ezgi Bicakci, thankfully we have heard from both of them, that are both okay, both of course are worried about family and friends. Our thoughts are with them and with the people of the region.   

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