ORGAN THING: A video taster of that Beyond The Streets show that’s happening right now at London’s Saatchi Gallery…

There is a video showing quite a bit of the Beyond The Street show now, not sure how official it is, but it does give you a good flavour or two of what’s on the the walls. The video has good feel for things although you might argue that as fine as that track they used with the film is, they could have been a little less obvious with the music for this London edition of the exhibition, couldn’t they find any Overlord X or East London’s finest, the aforementioned (in the review) Gunshot?  There is an extensive review of the show as well as a bag load of photographs from us up already.  We hear crowds have been big, i see that debates are quietly raging, we’ve certainly has some interesting reactions t othe peice we put up, interesting to see how different people are comingat this show depending on their backgrounds – ORGAN THING: Beyond The Streets London at Saatchi Gallery, is it as important as it thinks it is? Is it a must see exhibition?


(and yes, you doubters one of us Organs did perform at the Capital Hip Hop Jam at the Southbank back there)



Gunshot, currently ro be seen at Saatchi Gallery

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