ORGAN THING: Terzo’s ten minute epic of a debut single wrapped in Tina Damgaard’s art…

We have here a rather fine piece of ambition in terms of a debut single, a ten minute plus epic, a weightly slice of what you might be forgiven for lazily describing as epic post rock. Cymbeline feels like more than that though, it feels, dark, almost doom-laden, weighty rather than heavy, rather beautiful actually, darkly angelic. Terzo are a two piece, this is a first taste of their soon to be released debut album. Cymbeline feels right, it almost feels raw, feral and at the same time refined, crafted, painted, it touches on places Godspeed might want to take you, they certainly feel like they want to take you somewhere, it all bodes well for the album, and I do like that artwork – “Front cover is an oil pastel painting made by Tina Damgaard“, more on Tina soon then, more on Terzo as well, here’s the debut single…   

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