ORGAN THING: Ultraphauna are a newborn band of art-rock, wide-eyed, wriggling form, something like that, various people from KayoDot, Extra Life, a.P.A.t.T, Grails, Secret Chiefs 3, Estradasphere and don’t ask us, ask the one eyed horse…


Ultraphauna is, so we are told today, actually no, no one told anyone anything, it jsut passed by, today we learn of “a newborn band of art-rock veterans whose wide-eyed, wriggling form is born of the music of Timba Harris (violin, trumpet) and Dorothy Wave (vocals, synths).

Toby Driver (bass) and Joel Murray (drums) crushed their studio performances in New York and Liverpool respectively, helping bring to life the debut album, No No No No, set for release 21 April 2023.

As you can imagine from the history of groups represented among the band’s pedigree – Estradasphere, Secret Chiefs 3, a.P.A.t.T., Kayo Dot, Extra Life, Duo Probosci, Barberos, Grails, Tzadik Composer Series…the list goes on and on – the potential scope of musical ground covered is vast”.


“The tracks of No No No No are like snowglobes; each with its own little universe, its own emotional landscape, its own rules. The music may zoom in for an intimate closeup, lingering on delicate, precious details, then take a giant step back to bask in mountainous grandeur, only to come right back at you lashing a whip of fury.

And, of course, a groove-tastic banger is never out of the question. Some may call it prog, some pop, some ethno-cinema-chamber-metal–go-round… no need to fight, you can all be right! Better to just sit back and be taken on the journey”.

The album is released on April 21, 2023. More on Bandcamp

Violin: Timba Harris
Voice, keys: Dorothy Wave
Bass: Toby Driver
Drums: Joel C. Murray
Produced by Timba Harris & Dorothy Wave
Mixed by Toby Driver at Haunted steps
Mastering: Michael Fossenkemper at Turtletone studio

Recorded by Timba Harris at Stanneybrook snug (Cheshire, UK) & the birdcage (Aveyron, FR), Ste Cole at What studio? (Liverpool, UK), Toby Driver at Haunted steps (Brooklyn NY, US)

And far more importantly, the art is by Dorothy Wave…

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