ORGAN THING: The Playground at Hoxton Arches, the East London gallery is alive with warmth, with bright colour, with delicious colour…

The Playground at Hoxton Arches, London E2 – Another House of African Art (HAART) show, this time titled The Playground, the exhibition is “an exploration into the significance of childhood, exhibiting original artwork by five visual artists”, the artists are Azael Langa, Lerato Motaung, Lindokuhle Khumalo, Olamide Ogunade and Qhamanande Maswana, HAART exhibitions are always worth checking out, there’s always something rewarding, this time everything is. Five artists I’ve never heard of, five African artists and a gallery alive with warmth, with bright colour, with delicious colour, large paintings, large more than just in terms of size. Exciting, maybe a little disturbing in the case of Lerato Motaung and those eyes. The show is only on for a week, I’m hard pushed to pick out a favourite from the five, love the life in here, the colour is rich, stylish, full of soul, a real pleasure to just get to stand there in front of the work of Indokuhle Khumalo or Lindokuhle Khumalo, just a really really strong positive show, missed all te advenaced publicity, just caught it as I was passing, can#t pass a gallery, you never know what might be waiting inside, art us usually a force for good. The links up there will take you to more information on each of the artist, the show is highly recommended…. (sw)  

Hoxton Arches is at 402 Cremer Street London E2 8HD, right by Hoxton Overground station The playground is on until Tuesday 7th March, Sunday and Monday 10am until 8pm, Tuesday 10am until 2pm.

As always, click on an image to see the whole thing or to run the slide show…

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