ORGAN THING: Both Art on a Postcard and the Art Car Boot Fair have International Women’s Day on-line events happening right now…

Both Art on a Postcard and the Art Car Boot Fair have International Women’s Day on-line events happening right now, Art on a Postcard have another of their always excellent auctions happening while Art Car Boot Fair have a week-long on line sale happening. Both events feature a rather diverse selection of art from women, both events are curated by females, indeed the Art on a Postcard event features seven rather impressive auctions put together by female curators. Both organisations have a reputation for finding and featuring exciting artists, both new and established, it is rather difficult and probably a little unfair to be cherry picking favourites from either event, however we have done just that.

The Art on a Postcard auctions come to an end during the afternoon of Thursday March 9th while the Art Cat Boot Fair‘s week-long event ends on Saturday march 11th. The links you just passed will take you to the events.

Art on a Postcard (AOAP) will host its fourth International Women’s Day Auction in March, announcing an entirely new format for this year. AOAP have invited seven female curators, including Beth Greenacre, Louise Fitzjohn (Liminal Gallery), Bakul Patki, Lee Sharrock, Mollie Barnes (She Curates) Sandra De Giorgi and Carrie Scott to each curate a show comprising of 20/25 female artists. Each show will run as seven concurrent auctions, all raising money to support The Hepatitis C Trust’s work with women affected by the criminal justice system both in prison and local communities….”

Here’s our pick from the Art on a Postcard auctions, find our Art Car Boot Fair picks further down the page////


Art Car Boot Fair say “For our first IWD art sale we are thrilled to present a stellar line-up of female artists with an array of stunning new artworks specially created for our International Women’s Day flash art sale. Iconic works from a distinctively female sensibility including pop art gangsta lips, darkly funny figurines, striking and delightful inked originals, mesmeric, paintings, playfully stitched original and much much more….”  

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