ORGAN THING: A rather tasty slice of wildly awkward mathcore noise, a track from the excellent new Basil’s Kite album…

Organ Thing of The Day: A rather tasty slice of mathcore noise, a track from the new Basil’s Kite album. The album, Shooting Tsars, is out March 24th via Dark Trail Records. They’re from Sydney, Australia, they’re sounding a little more agressive these days, you can catch quite a few tracks from what sounds like an excellent new album on their Bandcamp page. Iexpect it will feature on the Other RocK Show in coming weeks, they’re certainly going off and things


“The culmination of nearly a decade’s worth of musical permutations, “Shooting Tsars” sees many of the band’s previously unrecorded live instrumentals fully realized and complete with vocals, putting the band’s sardonic wit and devilish sense of humor on full display. The material assembled on this LP is also some of BK’s most staggeringly complex and ambitious yet, with tightly performed, technical instrumentals, and sassy vocals stylings with biting sociopolitical commentary. – Christian, Dark Trail Records.


And, wel lg owatch this one on YouTube…


Or skip to this one, everything on this new album sounds good

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