ORGAN PREVIEW: Primal Scream and The Jesus And Mary Chain for South Facing at Crystal Palace Bowl this August…

Primal Scream and The Jesus and Mary Chain for Crystal Palace Bowl, that’ll more than do for a Friday in August/ Here  comes the hype, does it need any hype though? That is a rather good line up. The gig, on Friday 4th is part of a series of shows at the start of August in the park over in Crystal Palace, South London. The Primals and the Mary Chain stand out as the highlight, First Aid Kit are playing on the 12th, the full programme for the series of shows called “South Facing” can be found on the South Facing website. Will any of it be as good as the time Vera Lynn joined Hawkwind in the very same park (yes, that really did happen and we danced in the lake). Here’s the aforementioned hype…

 “For three and a half decades, Primal Scream have remained a force within Britain’s rich musical heritage. Delving into vast musical genres and delivering everything from psychedelic pop to degenerate rock’n’roll; euphoric rave to industrial gloom for fans to wrap their ears around, Primal Scream are without doubt one of the most influential bands of recent times. Their third studio album Screamadelica earned the Mercury Prize in 1992 and the band went on to put out a timeless catalogue of records and hits which retain their cultural relevance to this day. Forming in the early 80s in Glasgow, Bobby Gillespie bonded with childhood friend Jim Beattie over a love of 60s garage, 70s punk and more. Ever evolving, Primal Scream remain firm music lovers – still listening and getting excited, intertwining new discoveries into their music as they continue to release one classic hit after another along the way.  Primal Scream will be supported by Scottish duo, one of alt-rock’s most revered bands and Just Like Honey hitmakers – The Jesus and Mary Chain, along with Texan psych-rock legends The Black Angels, both sure to deliver blistering live performances”.

More details

Hawkwimd’s Dave Brock with Vera Lynn at the Bowl in 85….

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