ORGAN THING: Wide Scope Protocol is the new project from Barcelona-born composer, film score writer and producer Javier Rodero Villa. ‘Swan Cake’, is his free-form debut album, a refined kraut/space rock flavoured thing…


“This just in, rather like the flow of this first taste of Swan Cake”, said that a couple of days ago, since then the album has been explored a little, here’s the video, there’s more about the album down there….

Wide Scope Protocol is the new project from Barcelona-born composer, film score writer and producer Javier Rodero Villa. ‘Swan Cake’, his free-form debut album, will be released on 7th April 2023, through Modern Obscure Music and is a collection of works composed of long landscapes, psychedelic passages, and brain dance cuts reminiscent of the sounds of Tangerine Dream, Popol Vuh, Manuel Gotching, Cocteau Twins, Stereolab and Moon Duo”.

The lead track or the single or whatever these things are called is Swan Cake itself, here’s the video….

You can find more on Bandcamp, right now there’s three tracks alongside all the details you need up there, the whole album flows in a rather easy kind of manner, it comes laced with warm Kraut rock flavours, synth driven hints of widescreen expansiveness, all very mellow, lush, refined, tangerine dreams and all very refreshing without being too demanding (which is no bad thing), bits of Can and Harvey Bainbridge, mellow space rock…


Here’s the press hype or the background or the whys and the wherefores….

“During a two year “stage” living in London, Rodero Villa wanted to explore new territories far away from his background of composing film scores, with fellow Spaniard Pedro Vian giving him his Modern Obscure Music platform to experiment without limits. ‘Swan Cake’ is 10 tracks of scintillating emotion with tender melodies, undulating euphoria and deep cinematic soundscapes showcasing the entrancing nature of Wide Scope Protocol’s sonic palette. The eerie atmosphere pulsates throughout the album as twinkling synths combine with icy, IDM-tinged fx and slow-burning, rhythmic vibrations.

Rodero Villa was a lover of music from an early age and took his early influences from the sound of bands like The Velvet Underground, Spacemen 3 (Swan Cake closes with a version of their legendary song Repeater), and Low in addition to soundtrack composers such as Bernard Herrmann, Morricone and Carter Burwell.

Rodero Villa attended the ESCAC Film Academy in Barcelona, from which he graduated in Editing and Post Production. Given his musical and film training, coupled with his 15 years’ experience as a film editor and propelled by his mastery of the film language, Rodero went on to pursue a career in film scoring. His first film, ‘Ghost Graduation’ (Javier Ruiz Caldera 2012, 20th Century Fox), was characterized by electronic sounds and experimental synthesizers combined with stringed instruments and percussion.  In 2015 Rodero Villa was nominated for the Feroz Awards along with composers such as Shigeru Umebayashi and Alberto Iglesias for his work in ‘Spy Time’ (Javier Ruiz Caldera 2015, Warner Bros). Further film score compositions include ‘Valley of The Death’ (Sony Pictures), the upcoming film, ‘A Man Of Action’ (Netflix Original) – and a variety of soundtracks for series and documentaries like ‘Ciudades a Contraluz’, ‘Le Jour de Glorie’ or the upcoming: ‘The Hanging of Stuart Cornfeld’. Rodero Villa is currently working on a new TV Show while preparing the next Wide Scope Protocol album”.

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