ORGAN THING: Lee Eelus at Jealous East, the work feels stronger now, a bolder fingerprint…


Lee Eelus, Disorder at Jealous East. Shoreditch, East London – Good to see some fresh Eelus action, feels a little strange to be using Lee’s first name, always kind of known him as a street art type called Eelus – “For his first solo exhibition in over five years, Lee Eelus has returned with a novel body of work inspired by his recent ADHD and Dyslexia diagnosis at the age of 43. Disorder features artworks which explore personal struggles, as Eelus comes to terms with years of undiagnosed neurodivergence”.

So yes, we’re given the background, the circumstances (and the free slice of pizza if we’d turned up at the opening, I’m opting for a slice of peace and quite these days, enough of art gallery openings, I want the space to myself). Really, with all respect to Lee’s recent diagnosis, all we really need is the art on the walls, his sense of colour, his use of (flat) shape…  

“Expanding on his already diverse and sprawling oeuvre, Disorder features numerous artworks which explore personal struggles, as Eelus is forced to come to terms with years of undiagnosed neurodivergence. The paintings on display feature innovative techniques, layering acrylic with spray paint and oil stick elements, in a magnificent display of creative confidence”. (sw)

Lee Eelus has evolved as an artist, his style has developed, the work feels stronger now, a bolder fingerprint, a new found confidence maybe? This isn’t that big an exhibition in terms of the number of pieces on the walls, Jealous isn’t that big a space. but what is in here feels good, it feels big in terms of where Eelus is at, where he’s going. This new work is strong, I like the boldness, the layers, I like the juxtaposition, the graphic shape of things, (of things to come?), it feels like things are going in the right direction, good stuff…     

DISORDER’ will run until 23rd April. at Jealous East, 53 Curtain Road, EC2A 3PT. The gallery is open Tuesday through to Saturday, 10am until 6pm and 11am until 5pm om Sundays.

Lee Eelus on Instagram or via his Linktree

Do do the usual thing, click on an image to enlarge, to see the whole thing or run the slide show…

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