ORGAN PREVIEW: Artist Heath Kane’s Final Salute to be launched by the Art Car Boot Fair first thing tomorrow…


“FIRST THING TOMORROW!!!” exclaimed the Art Car Boot Fair – assuming you’re reading this on the Thursday before the release (first thing) on Friday April 21st? The Art Car Boot Fair says it is proud to bring you Final Salute by Heath Kane, (is the Art Car Boot Fair a thing that can talk of itself like that?) Now I’m no big fan of Batman or any other superhero type.or indeed The Queen or any of her dreadful offspring, or a fan of The Offspring, or that band Freddie Mercury fronted, there’s a lot of things I’m not a fan of, do rather like Heath Kane and the pop art style evolution of his bat flavoured creations.

“Heath Kane concludes his eight year long, best-selling art project Rich Enough to be Batman with a very special and collectible series of original works on plywood commemorating the Queen’s final salute and the last time her face will appear on bank notes and coins in the UK. Rich Enough to be Batman provokes questions about wealth and social contribution through the idea that with enough money anyone can be a superhero. The image of the Queen has been used throughout as a symbol of wealth – juxtaposed against the mask of Batman. Batman is the only superhero to have a human power – the power to give back”.

These A6 original artworks come in five different accent colours: Pink, Yellow, Blue, Green and Red. Each artwork will be entirely unique and created by the artist to order incorporating the chosen accent colour. The artist has elected to make these works available at the very special price of £135 (plus shipping) so that they are accessible to all (his words, I’d say more than reasonable price for a piece of original art but maybe not quite accessible to a lot of people who find the price of a first class stamp not that accessible these Tory-ruined days). You can choose your accent colour at point of purchase and all works will be signed by Heath Kane. You need to head over to the Art Car Boot Fair website on Friday morning where I guess they’ll be posting the details “FIRST THING TOMORROW!!!” 

Art Car Boot Fair

Looks like the Art Car Boot Fair is about to bounce in to a flurry of Spring activity, more soon.

Over to Hugh Metcalf and his legendary band for a comment, this is Hugh Metcalfe (Birdyak, The Klinker) on vocals and guitar, if you haven’t encountered those FOBs then you haven’t really been to a proper live gig,…

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