ORGAN THING: Hackedepicciotto, Alexander Hacke and Danielle de Picciotto variously of Love Parade, Space Cowboys, Einstürzende Neubauten, Crime & the City Solution and such have remixes and reissues…

Shall we have an Organ Thing of the daytoday? Would you be that bothered if we didn’t? it has been a rather busy day, do rather like these jsut posted hackedepicciotto remixes…

Hackedepicciotto Alexander Hacke (Einstürzende Neubauten / Crime & the City Solution) and Danielle de Picciotto (co-founder of Love Parade / Space Cowboys / Crime & the City Solution) – have shared remixes of tracks from across their three reissues, Perseverantia (2016), Menetekel (2017) and The Current (2020), all due out on vinyl and CD on 28 April 2023. Rather fine remixes it has to be said….

This new series of remixes are by David Harrow, one time member of the On-U Soundsystem collective and Psychic TV, and writer for Billy Ray Martin and Lee “Scratch” Perry (amongst others). Harrow is a musical Zelig whose work stretches decades of experimental and club production, and whose previous remixes include Depeche Mode and Candi Staton


The new remixes and reissues precede a brand new album release from hackedepicciotto, Keepsakes. Due out this summer on Mute, Keepsakes will be the duo’s second new album for Mute, and was recorded at one of Europe’s oldest recording spaces, the Neapolitan studio Auditorium Novecento. Inspired by the space, which was home to Caruso and Morricone, the new compositions feature tubular bells and a grand piano within their signature sound of symphonic drone. Where past albums speak of universal themes, this mesmerising new creation has a very personal touch, the duo calls it “an ode to friendship, presenting songs of gratitude”.


hackedepicciotto’s debut album,Perseverantia (meaning perseverance), was originally released in 2016. Recorded in the Mojave Desert, California, Perseverantia is an album of mesmerising soundscapes the hypnotic hurdy-gurdy, ether-plucking harp, eerie violin and gritty bass and guitar. These are paired with Hacke’s throat singing and spoken words from de Picciotto throughout the album, with the main lyrical focus “Perseverantia ad finem optatum” chanted throughout the title track, emphasising that “to successfully achieve a positive goal we need one thing above all, endurance.”

Menetekel, hackedepicciotto’s third studio album, has been out of print since its original pressing in 2017. An altogether darker album, Mentetekel sees the duo convert a collective worldwide despair into a “monumental symphony of sound, twirling and twisting it into a biblical frenzy”. Side D of the double LP is a recording of a sound installation from an Austrian church that hackedepicciotto were invited to compose in. Here the two artists sing “the echo depends on where you stand”, channelling philosophical thoughts inspired by the architectural influence of the ancient walls, shedding light onto the shadowy depths of modern times. 

Originally released in 2020, their fourth studio album, The Current, sees hackedepicciotto gaining speed and energy from their previous releases. Beautiful violin harmonies and choirs can be heard throughout the entire record, creating the perfect soundtrack for what the band describe as “an apocalyptic feature-length film, hopefully with a happy ending.”

Find more in the re-issues here or

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