ORGAN THING: A John Zorn and Bill Laswell session in front of Sterling Ruby’s paintings that happened at Gagosian over in New York…

Organ Thing of The Day; well this will more than do in terms of a Thing of the Day, only just found it thanks to YouTube for once showing me something I wanted tto see after whatever it was I was watching (something new from Sexmob if you must know, more on that in a moment). Seems this footage of Zorn and Laswell was posted in late December 2022 while we were all eating Chrismas cake (at Christmas and and not at Easter time like Yashashwi from Unstoppable Sweetie show). We did mention Sterling Ruby’s Turbines at the time even though we don’t really tend to focus on art shows we can’t actually get to, the Turbines show was happening at Gagosian New York gallery. Do love Sterling Ruby’s paintings, still got those yellow ones in my head from that time at Frieze London, and we do like a slice or two of John Zorn and/or Bill Laswell and we do have to kick off Monday morning anD a busy week with something so what could be better (we did rather neglect Organ last week, the Art Car Boot Fair Spring Bounce is eating our time at the moment, that and some animation than must move)

“As part of Sessions, a spin-off of Gagosian Premieres, composer and saxophonist John Zorn and bass guitarist and producer Bill Laswell perform an improvised work in Sterling Ruby’s exhibition “TURBINES,” at Gagosian, 522 West 21st Street, New York. Zorn is celebrated for his experimental approaches to composition and improvisation in forms ranging from classical, jazz, and ambient music to rock, metal, and hardcore. Here he plays saxophone while Laswell, a prolific and diverse musical collaborator known for his involvement with the band Material among many other projects, plays electric bass. The duo responds to Ruby’s new abstract paintings, which create a sense of flurried motion through the energetic convergence of materials”.


Seems there’s been quite a few of these Gasgogian Sessions, more in a day or so when we’ve explored more., if there’s time of coursr, there is paint to throw at this end, there isn’t always time for this Organ grinding… Here’s soem more Sterling Ruby, shame the Frieze phoros were so bad….

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