ORGAN PREVIEW: East London’s Chisenhale Studios is open this weekend, explore that great big rabbit warren of artists, studios, eat their biscuits, ask them questions…


Artist studios open days are brilliant, especially in the big old school East London spaces like Chisenhale or Martello Road, they’re imporaant spaces, we’re losing them, they should be treasured. True, the artists tend to clean up things a little too much, neat rows of paintbrushes, hangs on their wall that are more public then private, you do get to get to see a lot of what you don’t see at a formal gallery show, you do get to chat like you wouldn’t or an opening night, guards are down a little (and the marks made while making art are always interesting). Chisenhale is a particularly interesting space, rich in history, always alive, we can’t recommend the experience highly enough. There is a lot of walking up and down stairs involved, these old factory spaces don’t tend to sprawl and they don’t have lifts and such, it is rewarding though. There some previous coverage here, good to be getting back to open days (or in this case a weekend) after all the lockdowns and such. These some good artists working in those Chisenhale rooms, you’re bounds to find something good…   

“Open Weekend at Chisenhale Studios gives the public a chance to see inside one of the most vibrant artist studios in Tower Hamlets, London. Taking place over three days, forty studios will be open to the public to explore, chat with artists about their work and take part in various activities led by members. The Open Weekend is free and all are welcome to attend, no booking required”.

All afternoon: Collage-making with Nadine Mahoney. Drop-in anytime, suitable for all ages. Studio 18
3pm: Ways with Watercolour. A 30 minute demonstration by Hilary Rosen in Studio 20.
4-5pm: Special guest percussion and oud performance with Laura Lilienthal (frame drum percussion) and Nozomi Nakabayashi (oud). This will take place in the ground floor Education Room with step-free access. Find out more information here.

All afternoon: Collage Making with Nadine Mahoney. Drop-in anytime, suitable for all ages.
3pm: Ways with Watercolour. A 30 minute demonstration by Hilary Rosen.
3pm and 4.30 pm: Let the Water Speak – experimental activity with Richard Layzell on the ground floor canal side terrace. With two time options to join in, each lasting 20 minutes

All weekend:
A children’s art trail is available all weekend, with sketchbooks and pencils available. Please check-in at front reception to get started.

The opening hours look like this:  Friday 19th May, 6–9pm, Saturday 20th May, 2–6pm, Sunday 21st May, 2–6pm. In addition to the open studios, activities for all ages will also take place on the Saturday and Sunday.

Access: Please note that unfortunately studios are accessible by stairs only, however the events in the Education Room and terrace have step-free access from street level.
To learn more about participating artists, check out the artist pages on our website or visit @chisenhalestudioartists on Instagram.

To find out more about this event visit the Chisenhale website or Facebook event page

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