ORGAN THING: Clark shares a rather fine new single ‘Medicine’ featuring Thom Yorke and releases an excellent new album…

ORGAN THING: “Clark shares new single ‘Medicine’ featuring Thom Yorke”, so reads the headline in the Organ inbox that is rather bursting to a point whee it all might jsut have to be thrown out. . Taken from Clark’s new album ‘Sus Dog’ – released today on download/stream and June 16th on gatefold vinyl & CD, via Throttle Records.


Find the album on Bandcamp


“Sus Dog is really an album about trust. I’ve only realised, since re-singing versions of Town Crank everyday (see Instagram), what I’ve been tapping into. The idea of “I don’t need to know what you mean”. It’s a sparse phrase, scratching at themes embedded in other lyrics throughout the album. Trust, surrender, letting go.

Sus Dog is about unknowing, non defensiveness, beginner’s mind. Discovery. The idea of being telepathic is seductive but abit dangerous. It’s all contingent, we’re animals with minds more like morphIng vapour than anything solid. Constantly becoming/changing. Sus Dog is a dedication to the love of that process. I’ve written a bunch of love songs, ha never thought I’d say that.”

more in a bit when we’ve unfolfed the whole album….

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