ORGAN: A thing? Hello, It’s complicated. Peter Kernel can explain it today

Peter Kernel

Peter Kernel

A thing? Hello, It’s complicated. Peter Kernel can explain it today. Not that Peter is an actual person, but then you knew that already didn’t you.

“You know when you do something that you know you shouldn’t do but you do anyways? And it turns out a mess so you say to yourself “I won’t do it again”; but after a while you do it again and again and again? This is “Thrill Addict”.  The new Peter Kernel album is about taking risks in order to figure out how to shape one’s life. Mistakes, bad moves and consequences. It’s an album about speaking to one’s deepest being, the one we often hide inside. It’s about looking in the mirror; asking questions, giving suggestions and figuring out how to take care of the person you have in front of you and the people you have beside you.  “Thrill Addict” is about the space between humans, and all the complications involved.


Peter Kernel are Barbara Lehnhoff (Canadian) and Aris Bassetti (Swiss). The two met at the Visual Communications and Design School in Lugano (Switzerland) and detested each other for years, until he discovered her experimental film installations and she discovered his music.

They began a collaboration for Barbara’s first experimental musical and fell in love. They started writing songs together and performing live; more and more and more.

In 2006 they founded On The Camper Records, a unique label based on creative design and promoting bands they love. Through On The Camper the couple create music videos, album graphics, t-shirts, buttons, posters, everything and anything related to music. They truly believe in the DIY era and work with it.


In 2008 Peter Kernel released their first album “How To Perform A Funeral”. In 2010 they received a call from Spencer Krug – Wolf Parade (Sub Pop) to open their European tour. Since then: fireworks.

In 2011 they released “White Death Black Heart” and toured and toured and toured. Until today Peter Kernel have played over 300 concerts in Canada, France, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Germany and Luxembourg.

In 2012 they founded a sister project to Peter Kernel called Camilla Sparksss, an electronic fuse keeping them on the road throughout 2013 and 2014 across Europe and the US.

Now 2015 will see the release of the Peter Kernel album “Thrill Addict” (On The Camper Records).

“Thrill Addict”
Out January 19th, 2015
On The Camper Records
CD / 2xLP / Cassette Tape * / Digital

Previously in 2012


More tomorrow, maybe…..


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