ORGAN THING: AK/DK hit the Old Blue Last tonight….

Welcome back my friends to the page that never end, so glad you could attend, come inside come inside…. in a rush today, here’s a think, got to fly….


Tonight LONDON GIGS  recommends AK/DK @ The Old Blue Last Grt Eastern St, Shoreditch. Entry is free, things get underway around 8pm….  ‘Who are AK/DK? Two humans : two drumkits and a lot of electronics is what they are…’AK/DK create improvised layers of fuzzed-up synths, delays and arpeggios, and thunderous double drums. Their live shows move between the thrashy dance of Death From Above 1979 through progressive/motorik rhythms of Neu, to beautiful melodic sections that sound like they could have been beamed direct from the 1960s sound lab of Raymond Scott.’



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