ORGAN THING: A rare piece of Van Der Graaf Generator found in an attic, a touch of Crass and the punk rock stress of Rats From A Sinking Ship…

Thing? Pretty certain a whole stream of words and things frothed out on to these pages earlier, they’ve gone now, the insects ate them along with all the thoughts and a band or two, they ate the weekend, they ate everything, word eating insects, something about this  page committing a sin, this page it never can win, rats leaving a stinking ship, refugees, start again, stress, do they owe us a living? Hang on, who found this?


Here is a gem nobody knew about, A promo video from Van Der Graaf Geenrator FROM way back from 1970  Recorded in United kingdom. “I found the treasure at my attic” said Herman Permentier (sculptor and one time member of 70’s Belgium prog band Mad Curry)

PETER HAMMILL said whe nasked about the video and the psotin on line of said video ””Fine by me, if it’s out there! Many thanks Herman….and I still have no memory of this at all!…nor do I even remember that shirt ;-)”

DAVID JACKSON said  “have no recollection of ever seeing it before, but it is fascinating! You can say ‘I’m surprised – and delighted to see this video out there; but I don’t remember the session! Lovely bass playing Nic! I do remember working with Hugh on the string arrangements in my basement flat in Ladbroke Grove.”

HUGH BANTON: “Thanks Herman, extraordinary to see this again! I’m afraid none of us remember too much about it, but it was 45 years ago”

Meanwhile how good is this rather different cover of a Crass song from Nashville’s Sunny War


So anyway, straight to the point with Derby’s Rats From A Sinking Ship then, Rats is what we were here to tell you about today before things distracted us and the insects ate the words and the woods and the songs from the wood and things. The debut Rats album Rise As One will be released on Drive by Shouting records in September, here’s a no messing taste of things to come, I expect you can expect more here soon


#365ArtDrops Part 188

#365ArtDrops Part 188

#365ArtDrops part 188, left on Hackney Road last week….

One thought on “ORGAN THING: A rare piece of Van Der Graaf Generator found in an attic, a touch of Crass and the punk rock stress of Rats From A Sinking Ship…

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