ORGAN THING: Oneida cover This Heat, Noxious Foxes over for a last minute London gig…

Today’s thing, a thing of the day, an Organ thing of the day, This Heat, covered by Oneida, it had to be covered, here’s some coverage, we got it covered…….



Oneida, one of the finest bands around, something that’s not up for debate, and, as pointed out by Charles Hayward, they’ve covered This Heat’s ‘S.P.Q.R.’,. There is is up above. The track apparently appears on a new EP (on Rocket Recordings) called Positions, there’s also a version of Chrome’s ‘All Data Lost’. on the EP alongside an Oneida original, ‘Under Whose Sword’.


And from  1977 John Peel Session….


Meanwhile, last minute parish notice, a Spread spokesperson says,  “I’m putting on a last-minute Manor show for our amazing friends, Noxious Foxes Math-rock Power Duo from Brooklyn, NY.  Come out, have a beer, support music.”


Also on the bill, Patchwork Natives – Math Rock / Jazz 3-piece hybrid from Brighton and one man looping legend Theo – it all happens at New River Studios, London, N4, today (assuming your reading today (October 14th), here’s the Facebook event page   

More later…. maybe…. off behind enemy lines for a look at the Frieze Art Fair, security permitting… here you go, have a treat


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