ORGAN PREVIEW: This Is Not This Heat this Saturday, this is good…


Busy week for exciting music, otherness and being in two places at once in London this week, you’ve got Bob Drake back in town, (more Organ coverage here), he’s over at The Others in Stoke Newington, this Sunday 5th March,  Peter Hammill is at Cafe Oto or three days starting tomorrow (March 3nd), and this Saturday, This is Not Heat….

THIS IS NOT THIS HEAT Perform (or does it happen, are they a thing or a collection of performers?) This Is Not This Heat is this Saturday March 4th in London at the brutal Barbican…

“On the 13 February 1976, experimental rock band This Heat played their first show. Now, 40 years later, founding members Charles Bullen and Charles Hayward reunite, joined by a host of special guests, to perform new interpretations of their music.   Arguably the most inventive band to emerge from the UK’s fruitful DIY scene in the 70s, This Heat’s career may have been short-lived, but its legacy continues to grow in stature and relevance. Still sounding as original as when it was written, their music has as much in common with modern composers like John Cage as their art-rock contemporaries Gang of Four and The Pop Group.

‘this doesn’t feel like nostalgia, but a new beginning’ Guardian

Performers: Charles Hayward, Charles Bullen, Alexis Taylor, Chris Cutler, Jenny Moore, John Edwards, Daniel O’Sullivan, James Sedwards, Frank Byng, Alex Ward, Thurston Moore, Luisa Gerstein, Laura Groves, Merlin Nova

In the first half, between the new piano songs of Charles Hayward and the prepared guitars of Charles Bullen, there will be a screening of John Smith’s The Black Tower, ‘one of the most accomplished films to come from the British avant-garde’ (Independent Media 1987).

Smith met This Heat in the 1970s and projected a number of his films at their gigs at venues such as the Scala cinema. At the time he was involved in the activities of the LMFC (London Filmmakers Co-op), the artist-led organisation that pioneered the moving image as an art form in the UK. Initially inspired by conceptual art and the structural/materialist ideas that dominated British artists’ filmmaking around the LMFC during his formative years, Smith has developed a body of work that playfully explores and exposes the language of cinema and subverts the perceived boundaries between documentary and fiction, representation and abstraction.

After This Is Not This Heat’s performance there will be a late bar opening with a DJ set from Nick Name of acclaimed US freeform radio station WFMU and care in the community recordings.

This Is Not This Heat has been devised by Charles Bullen and Charles Hayward with Luis Carvajal. Produced by the Barbican Centre and I-D.A Projects with No-Nation and brought to you by Care in The Community Records

Here’s the Facebook event page






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CHARLES HAYWARD in a glass venue in a London park (sw)


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