ORGAN THING: Some Drakes, William D Drake and full band in London, Bob Drake UK tour. Come see the drake (and how good were Mr Sterile Assembly last night!)

Bob Drake

Bob Drake

Some musical things, some Drakes, William D, Bob, things, not really going off, more Blind in safety, a couple of parish notices for you to take notice of. William D Drake, sometimes we call him Bill, he of Sea Nymphs and Cardiacs family, has a concert performance next week, Bob Drake is touring….

William D Drake

William D Drake


William D. Drake, 1st December, The Forge, London –  “Mr Drake and his band will play their first London show in nearly two years at The Forge in Camden, London on Thursday the 1st of December. This is a full band festive performance and you would be well advised to attend.  Here is how The Forge describes the matter and who are we to argue: “William D. Drake and his band, present a feast of gorgeous instrumentation, masterful piano, ancient grinding hurdy-gurdy, harmonium, clarinet, guitar, drums… topped with growly vocals and angelic choral singing. Weaving layers of textured melody with rock undertones, they journey through the surreal and psychedelic, telling curious tales with sideways humour.”  Support at this show will come from fellow Onomatopoeia artiste Stephen EvEns. We will be telling you much more about his exploits shortly. Tickets are £12 per person and more information can be found here.


Meanwhile Bob Drake is in town, or should we stay in the country?He starts in London on December 1st and then “Since my UK “tour” is on a less-than-shoestring budget, day-by-day basis, PLEASE DO come to the show on the 1st so I can afford the train ticket for my show in Birmingham on the 2nd!”

“Bob Drake will be over from France and will be bringing his infectious, yet uncategorisable and truely beautiful avant-pop to Kings Cross, following the release of his new album, Arx Pilosa.  Originally spawned in the rural midwest USA, Bob has been playing instruments in, and recording all sorts of bands since the early 1970‘s. His 9th solo album “Arx Pilosa” was released on Recommended Records in October 2016. He will perform songs from his solo albums about anthropomorphic animals, haunted farmhouses, mystical reveries and inexplicable phenomena, all by himself with just a guitar”.


Mr Drake will start on 1 December at I’Klectik Art Lab, show begins at 8PM SHARP, due to the venue’s time restrictions so don’t be late: On the bill are: Kamura Obscura, Kavus Torabi solo, Bob Drake solo, and Kate Goes. – I’Klectik Art Lab: Old Paradise Yard , 20 Carlisle Lane, on the corner of Royal Street & Archbishop’s Park London SE1 7LG on the 2 December he heads to Birmingham and the Dark Horse in Mosley, and then 4 December: The Others Bar, 6-8 Manor Road, Stoke Newington, N16 5SA London. With several other great acts, more details soon! Hosted by the Depresstival, on the 6 December: Evening Star Pub, Brighton. With Kavus Torabi and Bing Selfish. 8PM-10PM precisely. No sooner, no later! Evening Star Pub, 55-56 Surrey Street Brighton, United Kingdom and then With Kavus Torabi and Beetles at The Harrison, 28 Harrison Street, London, WC1H 8JF on December 9thFacebook event page – and then “I’ll be the guest on Marina organ’s The Other Rock Show, playing some songs live and talking and who knows what. “And anyone who would like to host a pass-the-hat livingroom/garage/basement show, please get in touch! Available dates are 3,5,7,8 and 10 December”.Contack Bob via Facebook or

“So remarkable it’s hard to begin. Those who liked the idea-rich, sonically breathtaking & compositionally daring pop music of the ’60s, will recognise a similar mixture of pop-sensibility & radical innovation, now recast in contemporary terms. Unassuming virtuosity & state of the art studio merely as means to greater ends. I know we’ve all heard everything these days, but you haven’t heard”

Click on a flyer to enlarge….


Meanwhile have you checked out Joanna Wang yet? more on Monday with the next five… isn’t it exciting?

“Joanna Wang 王若琳《Isn’t It Exciting? 這不是很令人興奮嗎?》Official Music Video”

And how good Were Mr Sterile Assembly at The Others last night?  The first of two London shows, the second is tonight, last night at the Others over in Stoke Newington the duo were wired, they were lean, they were so so sharp and cutting through everything. And so so entertaining, though I’m not sure that the claim that the opening song of the set was a song off the new Metallica album or indeed if that was kate Bush b-side? Last night Mr Sterile were seriously other rock and Ring-tribe flavoured and seriously seriously going off and things in such a precise way. Do go see them tonight, awkwardly good. How can just two people be so vitally good? More here – New Zealand’s oppressive and delightful Mr Sterile Assembly in town for a rare left-field gig or two, expect it to be fierce

MR Sterile Assembly - The Others, London, Nov 2016

MR Sterile Assembly – The Others, London, Nov 2016


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