ORGAN THING: Five Slices of Monday Music – Idles, Healthy Junkies, Lovely Little Girls getting all Celtic Frost, Thom Hell and Brooklyn’s Big Neck Police…


Five slices? Did it work for you last week? Shall we just cut to the chase and get on with it? Five slice of music for a Monday morning, a bleak looking Monday morning. Five slice, no need for words or reviews or opinions expressed, if the music is here then we quite clear fins it worthy of out time and yours You have the music, you have the links, dive in….

1: IDLES have announced their debut album Brutalism will be released on Match 10th, well done! Stop taking photos of yourself, don’t hang around for the chorus, they’ve just announced some kind of massive twenty five date tour but that’s not until next year, and we’re not in December yet – “”Bristol’s finest post-punk polemics Idles have announced that they will be embarking on the massive 25 date ‘Brutalism UK Tour’ in March and April 2017”. The “politically charged, refreshingly confrontational and infectiously volatile” band are playing next week as well though, Thursday 1st December – London – The Garage, Supporting Future of the Left, and then on Friday 2nd – Brighton – Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar and Saturday 10th – Manchester – Night & Day. Idles are a band like no other. Bringing the unsettling reality of the world we live in into their frantic assault on the senses, they are a band that can only be truly understood by witnessing in a live environment”, so said the press release


2: HEALTHY JUNKIES apparently don’t give a damn, you can catch them at The Unicorn over in Camden, London on December 10th.


3: BIG NECK POLICE… Don ask us who they are, they just crossed our paths earlier today, so here they are


Big Neck Police are  a Brooklyn/Philadelphia based rock band made up of Mac Kelly, Hugo Stanley, and Paco Cathcart. A loud, caustic “power-trio” with little going on in the way of effects (“texture”), Hugo (drums), Mac (bass), and Paco (gtr) find their peculiar dynamism instead in the subversion of the punk orthodoxies they appear to revel in- specifically, through improvisation. Song structure in general is often described as a series of “parts”. Big Neck Police music is, rather, a series of open-ended gestures. Bands sometimes will write in a “noise-improv” part to spice up an song- for Big Neck, every part of every song seems to contain a reckless element that lusts toward that formlessness. At a good Big Neck Police show, there is not a moment when chaos is not impending, lurking. “Don’t Eat My Friends” is the culmination


The bandmembers are also active artists beyond Big Neck: Mac Kelly is a photographer/videographer and drums for bk punk band Suspekt. Hugo Stanley drums in the philadelphia math-pop group Palm and has engineered for the band Old Maybe. Paco Cathcart is a writer and records solo music under the name The Cradle, plays guitar in the bands Sweet Baby Jesus and Shimmer (featuring members of Palberta and Cloud Becomes Your Hand), and has engineered bands such as Palberta, Palm, Dog, Sediment Club. here’s their Bandcamp page and their latest album released back in August this year…


3: THOM HELL –  Don’t ask us who Thom Hell is either,Three-time Norwegian Grammy-award winner” apparently, “Thom Hell is pleased to share the video for his new single ‘1985’ on Dork. The nostalgic video features sepia-toned VHS footage and comes prior to the release of his December 16th album, Happy Rabbit”, no idea who he is, nice enough song though don your think?


We could be lazy here and cut and paste the press release that tells of his Happy Rabbit album coming out over here sometime soon – apparently there’s “a poise and elegance to all of Thom Hell’s works. Mining the troves of your past can easily result in a yearning for The Good Old Days and Simpler Times. Joyous as Happy Rabbit may be, we should all be happy to find Hell more than happy with his present”. Don’t know about that, not heard anything much besides that song you just passed back there…  .


5: LOVELY LITTLE GIRLS  – Now those of you who pay proper attention to these pages will know we have lots and lots of time for Chicago’s Lovely Little Girls, but did you know we once got thrown out of Celtic Frost’s dressing room when a pre-arranged Organ interview fell apart in stew of cuckoo clocks and questions about Toblerone, “the legendary triangular Swiss chocolate with honey and almond nougat” and no, Mr Warrior doesn’t know if it is Celtic or Celtic, he says it again and again both ways. “Here’s a demo of our Celtic Frost cover. Our recent record Glistening Vivid Splash is a worthy gift idea for the wonderful holidays” said a lovely little Girl .


And here, just in case your haven’t heard it yet, the latest Lovely Little Girls album




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