ORGAN THING: Gina Birch, she of The Raincoats, painting and sound, this Saturday. Performance artists Sheree Rose and Amy Kingsmill at Resistance this Sunday…

Organ thing, couple more art-flavoured parish notices today, we’re in a rush, excuse the blatant robbery and the sharing of words, all about the signposts and this Gina Birch show does look good, shame we’re busy that night here. Art shows aren’t just about opening nights and elbows and crowds though, see you on Sunday.

You may need your rain coats, no, I didn’t say that, ignore that, delete that bit, Gina Birch, she of The Raincoats, amongst other things, will be bringing some sunshine or or uunf**king the world or something like that at Broadway Market, Hackney, this Saturday


“In conjunction with the shoot we are presenting an exhibition of Paintings and Sound by Gina Birch (who will star in our live-dance-film I am not a Village as Gina the Cleaner) in Sarah’s wonderful furniture shop on Broadway market. Maryam Hashemi will also be presenting her work on the Market and there will be a further exhibition of her work soon.
There will be an opening this Saturday from 6pm so whether or not you are joining us for shoot shenanigans come and join us for food, drink, music and paintings and a sneak preview of our new trailer, skillfully crafted by Jeremy Carne XXX”




Meanwhile, the Sheree Rose and Amy Kingsmill collaboration this coming Sunday has suddenly moved venue, something to do with cold feet I would imagine, here’s the details, borrowed from the good carrot munching people at Art Rabbit

“Sunday brings legendary performance artist Sheree Rose to London to perform with arresting local artist Amy Kingsmill a collaborative work ‘Tender Blood’, this performance promises to be ‘a union using violence as a language to express affection.’”

Sheree Rose - Gurney Of Nails

Sheree Rose – Gurney Of Nails

Sheree Rose, is a pioneer in SM performance art best known for her work with her life partner Bob Flanagan throughout his life in regards to SM and illness and her recent collaborations with english performance artist Martin O’ Brien, during which she recreated several of her previous performances with Bob, a fellow sufferer of cystic fibrosis.

Following this interest in collaboration across generations Sheree’s performance with Amy Kingsmill will draw on their mutual personal histories around BDSM, Master/Mistress and Slave relationships and their understanding of using traditionally violent acts as a way of conveying adoration.

Amy Kingsmill - Journey

Amy Kingsmill – Journey

Amy Kingsmill’s work often draws on the intuitive, the ritualistic and the fetish, her last performance at Spill Festival of Performance Art; Journey saw her pulling a large panel of white feathers behind her from hooks in her back in impossibly high heels. Her work has also explored degenerative illness in her performance Projected Prognosis- a video of her visibly ill father sitting, suffering from huntington’s disease, an illness she has a 50% chance of having inherited is projected over her sitting motionless beneath it.

Tender Blood uses blood as a language for intimacy, this performance is a platform for exchange, across polarities of age, dominance and submission, and distance. Join Amy Kingsmill and Sheree Rose on Sunday the 22rd on November at Resistance Gallery.”

There’s some previous Amy Kingsmill Organ coverage here

Resistance Gallery can be found here


And while we’re here, let me leave this for further investigation later….

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