ORGAN THING: Eggs on Clare street, Dieterich and Barnes let loose a new tune, yer man from Deerhoof and such…

ALEX J. WOOD @ New Art Projects

ALEX J. WOOD @ New Art Projects

So that big banner thing came down from the Front of Space to reveal a big silver space ship and a launch pad where once the rather underused gallery space stood, that and a giant 40ft tall sculpture coated in Cavorite (that is how you get to the moon isn’t it?). Well no, not really, same old under-used building with same old not much appearing to be happening, oh the things we could do in there. And the things we could do in that other white wall space that just announced the exhibition that been there for a couple of months already was being extended by another month due to “public demand”. Are you sure about that? Fine show and everything but the four times we’ve been in over the last two months the place has been pretty empty, surely everyone who want to see has done just that by now? What as so many gallery spaces run in such a slow laborious unenergetic kind of way? Where the spark of excitement?The attitude, almost like put art on walls is an inconvenience, change the damn show already, we really liked it, we want the next one now please


More from the rather promising coming together of Dieterich and Barnes, rather enjoying the way the two of them are going right now….

The duo of John Dieterich (Deerhoof) and Jeremy Barnes (Neutral Milk Hotel / A Hawk and a Hacksaw) are putting out their debut album ‘The Coral Casino’ on May 6. Today they’ve shared a new track from the album, simply titled “What”.

John Dieterich & Jeremy Barnes began ’The Coral Casino’ as an attempt to understand one another. They met one day and the next they were in a blank room with unfamiliar instruments in their hands and zero expectations, each agreeing to do his utmost to ignore the other. Yes, their first forays into musical collaboration began with the stipulation that each had to improvise in a rhythmic manner while not listening to what the other was doing. This idiosyncratic process proved to be the unlikely genesis of songs like “Special Questions,” “Sandwild,” and “The Frost Pocket.” Their shared love of melody and pop provided the anchor for wild performances and deep, rich textures, laying the groundwork for many more moods: the euphoric “Out & About;” the stirring tribute to the satellite Philae (“Philae lands on comet 67p_churyumov-gerasimenko”), the first satellite to land on a comet, and so on.

Expansive, unafraid of complexity yet wide-eyed with elation, their sound embodies risk that genuinely rewards. While flirtations with danger and darkness occasionally appear, in the end everything becomes a laughing pile on the floor. An optimistic homage to a possible future, ‘The Coral Casino’ is both childish and sophisticated, seemingly tossed off yet at the same time exhibiting a depth that reveals itself on each subsequent listen; an exploration of friendship and the pure joy of ecstatic communication.

Take a trip to ‘The Coral Casino’: the perfect destination, where everything is topsy-turvy, no one is in control and yet all are mysteriously spirited to their beds before dawn.


Had to go to the Chrome and Black sweet shop again today, you get in there and there’s far too much choice, need to stay focused and only buy what you went in for, a tube of fruit gums and a bag of midget gems, a quarter of Jap deserts and a sherbet fountain, get out without an extra can of lime green Montana or some bright pink MTN.  The route from here require a stroll along Clare Street, always worth a stroll along the Bethnal Green back street that’s still just about alive with car workshops is the railway arches, that and attacks on Skeleton Cardboard by the Egg Cru, and the Royal Enfield place and Len the Redchurch Brewery Cat.  Left a thorny leaf hanging on the street a couple of days back, wasn’t there today.

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