ORGAN THING: Endlings, John Dieterich of Deerhoof and Raven Chacon, release a rather beautifully textured first taste…

John Dieterich, he of Deerhoof and such, is doing his always interesting thing again, this time as part of a duo called Endlings alongside Raven Chacon…


Endlings, the new duo from John Dieterich (Deerhoof) and Raven Chacon, have released their first music video for the track “Osmotic Torrents”. Their debut self-titled album is on pre-sale now.

i see you
hunting shadows
you did not choose it
your tools are not hidden
i do not require your attention
your moment is different than this
i do not need your imagination
your music tells stories
hunting shadows
i see you

From the new self-titled album via Sicksicksick Distro.  Video by Endlings with Jay Baker and Mark Weaver.




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ORGAN THING: Eggs on Clare street, Dieterich and Barnes let loose a new tune, yer man from Deerhoof and such…   So that big banner thing came down from the Front of Space to reveal a big silver space ship and a launch pad where once the rather underused gallery space stood, that and a giant 40ft tall sculpture coated in Cavorite (that is how you get to the moon isn’t it?). Well no, not really,…

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