ORGAN THING: Godzilla Black, no fools here, just another fine fine album

godzillablack_pressGodzilla Black are a vitally good band, a band with an urgent edge of their own, their latest album, Press The Flesh, released this April’s Fool of a day, is as good as anything else they’ve ever done (and everything they’ve ever done has been rather good).

There’s a rush to Godzilla Black‘s sound, slightly frantic, on the edge, ready to fall off the edge, Godzilla Black are close to the edge, progressively so.

Never ever obvious and delightfully difficult to just shove in a box and package neatly away, London’s Godzilla Black are very much a band with a fingerprint all of their own, a band wanting to challenge themselves rather than just play safe, follow the rules and conform to the blueprint .  Those barbed hooks don’t make a scene, the menace sneaks up from behind, things change, things never stay the same, faith is no more and those horns almost go off and things without ever being obvious about the killing jokes they deliver again and again (and again). And they do deliver it with such knowing forthright style, they’re a band who matter, and you suspect they know it as they proclaim that things are so much better and they’ve got a new set of friends. Don’t you worry about them, no having to learn the hard way here, look, no hands and look no body.  Hey look, there’s the album, embedded, a few lines down, embedded on the page right there, you really don’t need to be reading our words, just hit the play button and go get on with your day, stop reading this, turn it on, turn it up, make a cup of tea, spill your cup of tea, spill your fluids, spill your press agents and wordy reviews, none of that is needed anymore, music reviews are so last century, all we need are trusted signpost erectors and here you go, our signpost is up, we’re point it just there….


More? You want more? That bitter change they can’t explain, going off again? Godzilla Black have been doing this for some time now, usually bands as good as this burn out rather quickly after the initial rush of hope and idea, Godzilla Black, thankfully are showing no sign of burn out or compromise, no chickenhawking here, too early to tell you if this is Godzilla’s finest but Press The Flesh is certainly right up there with everything else they’ve done – no waters dragging anything down, we’re ballroom dancing to the sound . Read all about it, all in the movement now, all about movement, that and banging on about this that and whatever else they have today.  Press The Flesh, Another impressively good album from the always impressively good band. Be quiet, watch your mouth, who’ll know what you’ll fine out? Mouthwash? I like Press, no agents need apply, and by now I expect you’ve well and truly pressed the play button up there and long since packed in reading this stream of wordery. A new kind of animal or just…?. Are you ready for the job they do? Take me to the frantic rides of the countryside, no April fools here, just another fine fine fine album from one of London’s finest bands of recent times…And to think that damn agent almost put it all on the back foot, are you ready for the job they do? Come on, are you really still here? Stop reading now, boil the kettle, put it on repeat, go play, feed the reptiles, dance around the architectural immorality, who’d be a mouth doctor anyway?

godzilla_black_gigStill reading? Nothing to see here, move along….  cold hands, warm heart, everybody needs somebody, everybody needs someone to bury your head in the sand and cover your tracks and blisters on your tongue that never felt so alive and welcome back my friend to the thing that never ends, the truth can’t hurt you, we need a denial, a puppet show engineered by who? Have you figured this one out on your own? I say we stick to the line. is it free heart Friday today? Are we on to something else now or still pointlessly reviewing this album? Will Cavorite ever work? Come on, the review is over now, get out of here, move along,. we’re on to something else, don’t make a scene, keep coming to my house, we’re told that things are going to change but they always seem to stay the same, you’ll come a running when you…How good was your grocery today? have we bought any groceries today? The Man who watches these things just sent us an e.mail to tell us we have? Hang on, change the record… bitter… bitter….bitter…. Don’t you worry about me, I got a new set of fiends, faith some more… Godzilla Black did it again, but then you knew they wouldn’t don’t you, April Fool? Nah, press the flesh, go buy the groceries…

more tomorrow, maybe….

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