Organ Thing: Five songs from Crumbling Ghost, a rather impressive self-confessed “London-based heavy psychedelic folk rock” band

Where are we today? No time, throwing things out? Throwing things up, posting news? Signposts, stop press, smile emoticon, do you need a smile emoticon. Hope you caught Godzilla Black on the radio last night? Was it last night? Time is flying, I like what? Agents of who?  Crumbing Ghost? Here you go then, a self confessed “London-based heavy psychedelic folk rock” band and a rather fine five track EP that’s also available as a limited edition slab of 12″ vinyl (in gatefold cover as any self respecting slice should be housed). Rather like this, like this rather a lot actually, fine fine slice of heavy English folk rock (that one time drummer from Huge Baby never mentioned he was in another rather impressive band now), really rather like these five songs, thing of the day, job done, on with wherever we are today….



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