ORGAN THING: Bad Breeding? Yeah, Gary, we’re still the same Organ thing

Bang, rather like this business of coming home after a hard day’s paint-slinging and thorn pruning in the gallery to find a bag load of new music awaiting attention in the Organ in-box.  Apparently the NME is still going? Someone just said it was? is it? Bad Breeding? This lot sound like the 1990’s and the days when the music press and the zines and all the printed word that fell somewhere between the two still kind of mattered.  Stevenage based self-proclaimed punks Bad Breeding have premiered a track somewhere or other today, never mind all that premiering on this website or that website bollocks, here it is, a blistering bit of old-school no messing rockhead ear melting in your fack punk rock stomping, this is good, this what we like, this will have Gary wetting his pants again…….


Hey, peoples… Is this the same Organ zine thingy that first came to my attention outside the Astoria, Marquee, Underworld, Intrepid Fox etc of the late 80’s early 90’s. The people that first made me wet ma’ pants after listening to Atom Seed” said someone called Gary (via social bleedin’ media) just now, oh look, Garry has a double r, greedy man! 

Indeed it is Garry, you can’t be blaming us for the state of your pants though! This is the self same Organ thing from back there when it was a photocopied beast in a hand screen-printed spray-painted cover (way before Montana came along and every dog and cat thought cutting a stencil and spraying a balloon on a wall made you an artist), a hand-painted beast that we sold you at 50p a copy (without ever proof reading it) outside the Marquee or the Astoria or the Underworld or the Robey or some such larger-pushing dive! The same thing that was pasted up on walls of venues or sent to sent to you via the postal systems poweres by soaped stamps and recycled envelopes.  Unlike the NME, we’re still here! Here, have a slice of Cardiacs, no time for a proper “thing” again today, maybe tomorrow, once the thorns are done with over in the railway arch….




Apparently you can catch Bad Breeding live on the following dates: 

Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham (April 29), Flesh And More – Blade Factory, Liverpool (30), Stag And Dagger – Broadcast, Glasgow (May 1), Brudenell Social Club, Leeds (2), Prince Albert, Brighton (3) Old Blue Last, London (4), Purple Turtle, Reading (5), Crofters Rights, Bristol (6)

Here’s a bit more…. Frontman Christopher Dodd describes the concept behind the new single, saying: “We watched Amy Berg’s documentary Deliver Us from Evil a while back and I’d also been moved by this investigative piece called Crime and Punishment by Zhao Liang. It got us thinking about the manipulation and misuse of institutional power, but also about the endurance of humanity that often shines through when people are damaged by the rapacity of those in positions of supposed authority.

In some ways it’s an examination of impropriety from religious, financial and political cliques, as well as some of our own personal struggles, which we wanted to offset against a defiant thud. It was definitely a bleak thing to write, although there’s plenty of fortitude in the song too.”

The new single comes ahead of the bands forthcoming UK tour dates (below), which are taking place from the end of April throughout May. It also follows on from the recent release of the bands ‘Corrupting Fist’ video

Free download here…. Yeah, Garry, we’re still the same Organ thing, see you down the Lady Owen Arms….
More tomorrow….. maybe…

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