ORGAN THING: Bozo Zoo? We don’t know who they are? You do need that Bad Breeding album though

badbreeding_flyerDon’t know who Mark is? He didn’t actually say, he’s right about Cay though, it was pleasure to put out theIr records back at the start there (and at the end), it wasn’t a pleasure to watch the music industry chew them up and spit them out seemingly without a care for the people in the band. The 90’s music business really wasn’t an environment that considered people that much, it was very much a me me me situation where the A&R men and women believed in their own legend and really not much else, egos were really out of control, music didn’t seem to matter too much, the music business game was the thing that mattered, it really wasn’t a nice place to be at times (at most times actually), I didn’t really like the late 90’s much. Sure, there was some fine bands, it was a thankless time though, Cay were a great band, they deserved better, it really messed them up.

“Hey guys, you were very good to my old band back in the late 90’s, some decent reviews etc. and included us on a CD with Cay (what a band they were). Amazing times, we all felt we were riding the wave and were on the cusp of great things not realising that those great things were happening at the time. You were very much a driving force on the scene and for that I thank you. Anyway, you may dig my new band, Bozo Zoo, or you may not,, cheers, Mark”


Enough of the 90’s, here’s the new Bad Breeding album, Bad Breeding are happening right here, right now, we were going on about the other day, here it is in full posted by the band on YouTube and you can download the whole thing, in full-quality audio, whatever that means, for free here.   The vinyl pre-order details are here (ships first week of June)
Here, have some classical piano
And here’s a great Purple Rain flavoured Comfortably Numb from David Gilmore… nicely put from the man….

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