ORGAN THING: Some recently found Van Der Graaf yellow fever, a new Dieterich & Barnes video and the artcore of Tokyo’s Wombscape…



Organ thing? Things? The Thing? Been busy innit, over in all the fabric at Wall and Jones, Organ is pretty much an occasional side issue these day, not the big time eating monster of a thing is was back the last century. Here’s something that have been kicking around here waiting to be posted while we were busty gardening and dealing with thorns and leaves and such things. Here’s a new video from that excellent Dieterich & Barnes album, you can hear the whole glorious album here on a previous page – ORGAN THING: A Hawk and A Deerhoof, that John Dieterich & Jeremy Barnes album streamed in full… And here’s the new video.

Dieterich & Barnes “People Person”


Meanwhile this should help your peaceful Monday afternoon flow, here’s some Wombscape, “Wombscape is an art-core group based in Tokyo, Japan”, you can treat your ears to more via their Bandcamp page…



STOP THE PRESSES!!!!!! This just in via a Van Der Graaf Generator social media page:  “Yet *another* astonishing, hitherto unseen video from Van der Graaf’s golden 70s era has surfaced (well, unseen since 1977…) and the person we have to thank for it yet again is Herman Permentier. Herman was the man responsible for making the Refugees ’70 video available to everyone, and now he’s put a lot of time, travel, and $$ into taking an old 16mm film he acquired years ago and having it digitized, so that we can all enjoy it. This guy is a hero to VdGG fans, if you ever see him out at a Hammill/VdGG gig, please offer to buy him a beer / pop / coffee / whatever…


It’s Van der Graaf from 1977, the five piece lineup (after Hugh and Jaxon split) featuring Peter Hammill (guitar, vox), Guy Evans (drums), Nic Potter (returning member on bass), Graham Smith (violin), and Chas Dickie (cello). They’re miming to Cat’s Eye, a single in France and one of the tunes off of the great Quiet Zone album. In an article on VdGG from Mojo magazine in ’02, bassist Nic Potter (R.I.P.) was quoted as saying that he remembered doing a TV show with Peter larking about in a “plastic mac.” While writing The Book (with Phil Smart), I asked Peter and Guy if they remembered anything about this. They didn’t (and probably still don’t even after seeing the vid!). But I talked to Nic about it, I asked him what a “plastic mac” was. He said it was like a see-through rain coat and he did still have vague recollections of the TV appearance from decades ago. Honestly, I thought he might have been mis-remembering a TV show that never actually happened, etc. But, this video unearthed by Herman proves that Nic was right! Coincidentally, I’ve been listening a lot to VdG’s swan song, the double live ’78 album Vital (featuring this exact lineup) quite a bit lately and have reaffirmed my thoughts on what a KILLER, take-no-prisoners lineup this was (and what a brilliant, like-no-other-band-on-the-planet group VdG were).. Thanks again Herman! Awesome, awesome stuff!!



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