ORGAN THING: A new thing from Saint Agnes, some Poil, and a new thing from The Amorettes…

saintagnes_sisterOrgan Thing?  Saint Agnes have a new thing, so do The Amorettes, Poil are doing things, here’s some things.  Let the neighbours call the cops or the paint delivery company or someone from somewhere, don’t call us, don’t ask us, what do we know?  The new Saint Agnes single is out as a limited edition vinyl release (on Death or Glory Gang Records) that’s probably sold out already, the self-proclaimed “western gothic garage hard rock heart throbs” are always out there doing their thing, here’s the new video, made by Directed by Ed Edwards from Ragged Crow, and well,  here’s the link to the Bandcamp version and here’s their social media thing and hey there sister electric, how do you do….


Here, for no reason whatsoever is some PoiL from 2015, the French band are always a little vague in terms of what they’re doing and here they’re doing it….


“Impressive and delirious, PoiL is lead by three musicians know not limitations and prohibitions.  PoiL flow, dance and dash between the energy of punk, the beauty of chamber music and the chaos of a factory on the brink of explosion” Here’s the French band’s bandcamp





And that’s not to hardboiled or too hardboiled or not boiled enough, then have no messing hard rock and the new release from Edinburgh’s finest The Amorettes


One last bit of Saint Agnes (from 2014), thet should do for today, off to throw some paint at something




One thought on “ORGAN THING: A new thing from Saint Agnes, some Poil, and a new thing from The Amorettes…

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