ORGAN THING: The Splendour and Misery of Clipping….



Clipping have a new album, this is a good thing, a very good thing, splendid indeed, no misery here. Splendor & Misery is the name of the cutting edge album, it came out earlier this week on Sub Pop, it smells like something or other. The Los Angeles outfit have been putting together some powerful musical collage for some time now, you don’t really need our words, music doesn’t need be written about, there it all is, judging it for yourselves, we merely need to point you in the direction, not like those days when the written word was everything and the music press chose what to feed us. Will we ever work out why, when there were so many fine bands, the mainstream music press chose to champion so many of the dreadful things they did while ignoring so many of the fine things that were right there under their noses? Here’s the new Clipping album (now if only they could spell Splendour it would be perfect) .

STOP PRESS “Hello. Saw your clipping post, thank you. Going to get one correction on it: the album is a corelease between sub pop and Deathbomb Arc, not just on sub pop Thank you! Brian”  (Brian is from Deathbomb Arc….


What kind of fresh hell is this? Imagine it, stuck in a Butlins holiday camp in the rain and wind of an English November and the only way to escape the grey wet weather is to go inside and endure the even greyer and wetter Shed Seven. The return of Bentley Rhythm Ace for gawd sake, stuck in some kind of nightmare with loads of fat middle-aged men in faded washed Wonderstuff t-shirts that don’t fit them properly. An exciting offer!? God help us, Ash for gawd sake!? We spent the 90’s avoiding this lot the first time around

upsilon_tour“Hi Sean, Hope you are well! Got an exciting offer for you here!  We’re looking after the hugely popular Shiiine On Weekender this year (with Echo & The Bunnymen, Happy Mondays, Ash, Black Grape, Ride & more confirmed to play) and we’re looking for people to review the event. There’s only a limited number on the list for this one (the whole event is already over 80% sold out), but I just wanted to drop you a line to see if you’re free 11th – 14th November and if you might be interested in coming down to Butlins Minehead Arena to review the festival? It’d be great to get you involved!

It’s a big one for the festival this year, following the sell-out success of the Shiiine On Weekender 2015, further quality has just been added to its already stellar line up making this unique event a must-see. The event combines some of the biggest names in Britpop, indie and dance, with this year’s line-up featuring the likes of: Echo & The Bunnymen, Happy Mondays, Ash, Black Grape, Mark Gardener (Ride), Steve Lamacq, Shed Seven, Cast and more – full line-up here. There will be a tonne of other stuff going on too, with theatre performances, cinema screenings, talks from Britpop legends and Bez (Happy Monday’s) will even be hosting a pool party!  Anyway, I’d love to hear what you think about coming along to review this one. If you want any more info on the festival then just drop me a line!  Many thanks, Will”

Really not sure Will would really like to know what we think, Cast!?!* Shed Seven?! Surely this wasn’t a serious invite? So much exciting rewarding music around, why would anyone want to be stuck in a holiday camp in November with Cast and Shed Seven?



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