ORGAN PREVIEW: First Thursday, art show openings, Natalia LL on the Roman Road, Lucy Sparrow shoplifting, Jason Woodside and Evoca1 at Stolen Space…

November First Thursday is upon us once more, traditionally November is one of the busiest of East London’s First Thursdays. Things are a little more fractured now of course, the loss of the twin focal points that were Vyner Street and Redchurch Street, that’s old news now though, old ground and already covered on these sometimes angry pages.  So what’s happening this Thursday then, what does First Thursday in East London, and indeed the city in general (for Lucy Sparrow returns to Soho this Thursday evening),, what does Thursday evening offer us in terms of late evening gallery openings and exciting art to explore?


Polish feminist avant-garde Natalia LL has a show opening at Roman Road Project Space over in Bethnal Green

Natalia LL

Natalia LL

“Roman Road is very pleased to introduce Natalia LL, an artist of the Polish feminist avant-garde, to the London art scene with a solo exhibition entitled Probabilities. Created in the 1970s, during a decisive moment in her career, the show presents framed photographs and videos from the artist’s notorious Consumer Art and Post-consumer Art, in which she drew attention to the issues of consumer culture and the status of women in the then society. The exhibition also features a unique installation of Natalia LL’s NATALIA!; employing the high ceiling of the gallery, this piece has been specially printed as a vinyl that measures the full height of the walls, instigating a novel experience of the artist’s work”. 

Opening Reception: Thursday 3 November 2016, 5pm – 9pm Exhibition: Friday 04 November 2016 – Saturday 14 January 2017 Opening Hours: Wednesday – Saturday, 10am – 6pm and by appointment.  Roman Road is at 69 Roman Road, Bethnal Green, London, E2 0QN.

Natalia LL

Natalia LL

STOLEN SPACE have two offerings in their two rather inviting rooms this Thursday evening. An East London gallery that can always be relied on in terms of the brightly coloured urban art flavours they offer, commercial rather than edgy, Stolen Space is maybe not the most dangerous risk-taking out-on-the-edge art space out there, you might be tempted to call the space conservative in terms of the art featured and the manner they go about presenting that art. It is a space you can rely on in terms of the life on the graphic urban call-it-what-you-want-you street art side of gallery life though and their shows are consistently worth investigating.  This Thursday evening Stolen Space have a solo show from New York based artist Jason Woodside and  Dominican born Evoca1, a figurative painter and muralist currently based in South Florida.

Jason Woodside

Jason Woodside

Jason Woodside  Strike Me With Your Lightning  November 4th –  27th 2016 (opening reception Thursday 3rd November, 6-9pm)

– “Stolen Space is proud to present ’Strike Me With Your Lightning’ the new solo show by New York based artist, Jason Woodside. Jason Woodside’s work is characterised by vivid colours and contrasting layers of simple, geometric patterns. Taking inspiration from textiles and clothing, Woodside plays with various bold textures in an attempt to generate visual cohesion.  Well known for creating huge murals, Jason Woodside brings the bright colours to the concrete jungle of his hometown of New York City and around the world. Widely recognised as a leader go the ‘post-graffiti movement’, he pushes the boundaries of what traditional urban art is. His slick modern aesthetic makes his work fit as well in a contemporary art gallery as on an urban wall.  There is an optimism in Woodside’s work, one that’s clear in the artist’s personal day-to-day ethos, and one that has attracted the attention of private collectors, galleries and museums alike.   In this new body of work, we see Woodside continue with his bold signature style, experimenting with patterns and depth to create kinetic works which play with the viewers perception of colour and shape”


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