ORGAN PREVIEW: Protective clothing advised, Malarko and Cristina Lina, Bricks and Potatoes, next Tuesday at Stour Space…

Brick Potato, Potato Brick, next Tuesday

Brick Potato, Potato Brick, next Tuesday

Shall we extend it to a third page of Thursday night London art opening previews? Page one and two of our November First Thursday were posted on these fractured pages yesterday, shall we search out more or shall we just go drink gin and lament the slow drawn out death of East London? Woke up with that First Thursday buzz the morning and then remembered that it is all but over now, a thing of the past, to talk of and wonder why it was allowed to fall apart.. Art excites, First Thursday was exciting, the crowds of people wanting to engage was exciting. Woke up this morning and headed hopefully over to have one more look of the ever frustrating official Whitechapel First Thursday official website in the hope of a last minute up-date and a flicker of commitment or enthusiasm, a sign of life or at least a shit given by those over at Whitechapel, no sa,e as yesterday.  We searched through the list of Facebook events in hope, we looked in the Organ in-box, we looked everywhere, we even looked aat Fad and that cynically half-arsed uncommitted London Art Map thing. You see, as we keep saying,.art excites, going to art exhibitions excites, opening nights excite, meeting people at tHe galleries and sharing the excitement, debating the work (drinking the beer, putting up with the cheap red wine)) discovering the art on the walls and plinths, it all excites, First Thursday was once so exciting. A buzz of excitement all day, a buzz all week when were were down Vyner Street getting ready.

First Thursday, a thing of history now?

First Thursday, a thing of history now?

So tonight we shall head for Stolen Space and Rivington Street, head to the Roman Road,  we probably won’t manage to get over to NW5 and the Dala Rose gallery tonight or over to Hackney Downs to see what A-Side B-Side have to offer  (but then it isn’t all about the opening nights, we will get there before the shows end) and if we are going tell it like it is then neither Dala Rose or A-Side B-Side have filled us with that slice excitement or that buzz of anticipation with their past shows.  Don’t know, the First Thursday on November is not filling is with excitement, the show that are on feel so politely conservative, the little that is left of First Thursday does now, no naked red men covered in honey or massive street parties with streets alive with galleries, everything that is happening so lacking in energy, lacking in inviting attitude, artistic engagement, is it reduced to polite revolutions and urban art sales rooms now?  Will we be here tomorrow telling you tales of an exciting Thursday night in East London? Will stumble on something unexpected or badly publicised? Will Studio Life Lines offer anything? Stour Space seem to be holding off until next Tuesday, well who can blame them, First Thursday is just another day very much like any other day now. (sw)



The Dala Rose gallery is now over in NW5 and this Thursday a show called Formwork opens, looks like it might me worth investigating? …“FORMWORK inaugurates a series of two-person exhibitions hosted by dalla Rosa with the aim of creating a dialogue between artists that have not previously worked together but share similar interests and influences. George Charman and Tom Hackney are both based in London and have been exploring the possibilities of concrete while developing other sides of their practices, specifically drawing (Charman) and painting (Hackney). The fascination with materials and processes is a clear trait d’union that runs through their work, together with an interest in perception modeled on grids and repetition. Please note our new address is 3 Leighton Place, London NW5 2QL”.

Brick Potato, Potato Brick, next Tuesday

Brick Potato, Potato Brick, next Tuesday



“Malarko Hernandez and Cristina Lina are excited to announce their upcoming exhibition at Stour Space: BRICK POTATO, POTATO BRICK.  Private View: Tuesday 8th November 2016, 7-10pm, free entry   Opening Hours: 9th-28th Nov 2016, 9am-5pm daily, free entry

Alongside spraypaint, fireworks, gokarts, plastic bags, and piñatas, the potato – in both form and content – has become a favourite of Cristina Lina’s. Her attraction to the potato is difficult to say exactly, but is in part because she feels it provides a nice antithesis to the way Art is often perceived and positioned within institutions, galleries and global markets.

Complementary to Cristina’s potato sits Malarko Hernandez’s brick. The brick, as universal singular unit of our homes and cities, cannot escape its own significance. Yet in the same way that a potato is a potato, a brick is a brick. Inspired by his hero the Postman Ferdinand Cheval , Malarko initially began collecting bricks in Stoke-on-Trent in 2013 as a form of psychogeography. Interested in the way each unit posesses the potential to both smash and build, Malarko attempts to encompass the bricks internal conflict within his practice.  For this exhibition Malarko and Cristina have collaborated across both brick and potato mediums and they hope you will join them for the inauguration of the works on Tuesday 8th November. Protective clothing advised.”

Here’s nine images we just blatantly stole off the Stour Space website, click on image to enlarge or run the slide show…

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