ORGAN THING: Brutalism, Idles, a vital slice of reality, an album that really matters, well done…


ALBUM REVIEW:  IDLES – Brutalism (Balley Records) – Brutalism? A whole album of this lot pecking at you is hard boiled hard going, excellently so, These mouthy sorts pecking and pecking (and pecking) at your head, brutal brutalism, relentless, love it!  Idles debut album is thirteen blistering slices of brutal observation, thirteen brutally relentless slices of life.  Brutalism is powerfully bleak, on and on they go, pecking away, threatening to learn how to read and scare them Tories, pissing in the sink and offering a critique of Bacon’s selfies.  Drinking to the summertime and everything turning blue. A Bovis home? A brutalist thing, well done, why don’t you get a job? Mary Berry has a job, why don’t you have a job?  Why don’t you watch football?  The best way to scare a Tory is to read and get rich. I know nothing about this band, I just sit here all day looking at pretty colours, who are Idles? They do like to peck, yap yap yap, who’s that other lot? You know the ones? Sleaford Mods? No no no, not again, no on no no no, they’re not the Sleaford Mods (or Ben Kingsley in Sexy Beast, ask Don, no no no no no no, yak yak heart attack) Who’s that other other lot? The stressful ones, blaggers… This Shane Meadows, this is England, this is right now, the is the bake off, well done, why don’t you bake a cake.

Bristol’s finest post-punk polemics Idles are charged, charged with life, politically charged, confrontational, infectiously volatile, Idles are a band like no other. a reflection, not refreshing, too real and too right now to be refreshing, these are not refreshing times. Idles are the unsettling reality, a mirror, and a reletlessly frantic assault on all the senses

“Brutalism: it may at first seem like an unrelenting wall of bosh but it was written during and at the wake of my mother’s death. It was supposed to be, like the concrete car parks, schools and churches of post-war Britain, a practical and cathartic mend of obliteration of what was before. It is a big, beautiful, clumsy, ugly, brutal piece of shit that just may have saved us as a band and we love it.  Now, we are in an upside down world that seems to have unharnessed all that we mended in the optimistic pocket of our souls and the pricks are winning by a landslide.  This album can be the sound of us gathering up the pieces and building something and then shoving it right down their fucking windpipes”.

Brutalism is a brilliant album, a harsh album, a blistering album that does almost cut its own nose off, they could have been much nicer about it, Mary Berry would have made it nicer, Rothko would have done it nicer, heads in the sand, shut the front door and escape to some music. Brutalism is a black mirror, a very very (very) real album, some days you’re gonna want to play it defiantly loud, put it on repeat, feed off it, feed it at others, soak it up – those words, those relentless peckings, on other days you’re gonna want to switch it off and put something nice on instead, Bake Off or some pop music or nice film or something,. just shut your doors and your windows, turn that mirror to the wall, avoid this divided (almost) conquered .  This is an excellent album, Idles are a band we need, vital that they exist, vital that they make music like this, that they’ve made a relentless album like this, the first really vital album of the year. Well done… (sw)

Idles debut album Brutalism is out on March 10th, there’s a 25 date UK tour happening in March and April. More information here




March 2017
Monday 6th – Cambridge – Portland Arms
Wednesday 8th – Bristol – The Fleece
Thursday 9th – Colchester – Arts Centre
Friday 10th – London – Moth Club
Sunday 12th – Southampton – The Notes Café
Tuesday 14th – Birmingham – The Hare And Hounds
Wednesday 15th – Guildford – Boileroom
Thursday 16th – Brighton – The Prince Albert
Friday 17th – Tunbridge Wells – Forum
Saturday 18th – Bedford – Esquires
Monday 20th – Oxford – The Bullingdon
Tuesday 21st – Sheffield – The Plug
Wednesday 22nd – Newcastle Upon Tyne – Think Tank
Thursday 23rd – Aberdeen – Tunnels
Friday 24th – Dundee – Buskers
Saturday 25th – Edinburgh – Sneaky Pete’s
Monday 27th – York – The Crescent
Tuesday 28th – Hull – The Adelphi
Wednesday 29th – Nottingham – The Bodega
Thursday 30th – Liverpool – O2 Academy 2
Friday 31st – Wakefield – Unity Hall

April 2017
Monday 3rd – Stoke-On-Trent – The Sugarmill
Tuesday 4th – Preston – Guildhall
Wednesday 5th – Cardiff – Clwb Ifor Bach



Idles – well done,,,




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