ORGAN THING: Man up, sit up, take note, Idles do “it” again. Are they the best band out there right now? Yes, now pull your socks up…


Idles – well done,,,

Man up, sit up, take note, Now we’ve banged on about them often enough, that debut album Brutalism was, and still is, a classic, and every time they throw out a new track we’re kind of thinking surely they won’t do “it” again? And every time they do do “it” again. This is why you never see your father cry, no, this is why you listen to music, this is why you kissed a boy and you liked it. Man up! Sit Down, Chin Up! Socks upp, don’t whine, this is why, this is why Idles excite us every time, this is why when we see the press release we can’t wait to fire it up, forgive me father for I have sinned, Idles excite. and they continue tp excite us with every new release, and they just did it again, here comes the new track. ‘Samaritans’ is from the new album ‘Joy as an Act of Resistance.’, the album is out 31st August 2018 on Partisan Records.


And we see through the clouds of paint from our bunker here in Hackney, Idles are playing the Vision festival next month here in East London, the festival is into a sixth year now, never bothered coming out of the bunker though, maybe we will this year? Always looked like some kind of tattooed hipster nightmare tu us local scum bags who remember the days of burnt out cars…


=the good old days before coffee and tattoos


Here, have some more….





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