ORGAN PREVIEW: Idles, probably one of the most exciting bands in the land right now, have announced an art exhibition…


Yes indeed, the love-in continues here at Organ, Idles, probably one of the most important bands in the land right now, certainly one of the best, have announced an art exhibition. The show, at HM Electrics Gallery, London, will be a fund raiser for the Samaritans

“This afternoon IDLES have announced an art exhibition to celebrate the release of their second album “Joy as an Act of Resistance.” Open for two days, between 12pm and 8pm, and curated by the band, the exhibition will take place at: HM Electrics Gallery, 65 Nile St., London N1 7RD

The gallery will contain 18 pieces of work across several mediums, with contributions from: Orlando Weeks, Nigel Talbot, Tao Lapsley, Russell Oliver, Robin Stewart, Tom Ham, Dapper Signs, Chris Nicholls, Ed Barrett and Beth Cater. The gallery will be free entry and artwork on display available to buy, with all proceeds going to the Samaritans charity.


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Man up, sit up, take note, Now we’ve banged on about them often enough, that debut album Brutalism was, and still is, a classic, and every time they throw out a new track we’re kind of thinking surely they won’t do “it” again? And every time they do do “it” again. This is why you never…




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